5 Tips for Sending Flowers After a Fight

Arguments happen in a relationship. There are times when family members, friends, and couples have heated disagreements that often lead to exchanges of hurtful words and actions. You later realized after a fight that mending the relationship is essential so things can get back to normal and to avoid the discord from getting worse. The best way to resolve the issue is to apologize to the person you have hurt. But some people feel awkward saying sorry directly so giving gifts to make up after a fight can help convey apologies.


Sending flowers after a fight is one of the perfect options to express genuine regret and to make amends with the person you have hurt. Flowers can put a smile on the face of the receiver so anger and grudges in the relationship can dissipate. Research revealed that flowers can help make intimate connections, leading to improved contact with family and friends. So sending flowers after a fight can strengthen a relationship while saying sorry to someone you love. If you are considering what gifts to make up after a fight with a loved one, here are 3 reasons why sending flowers is the right choice to express sorry.

3 Convincing Reasons Why Flowers are the Best Way to Apologize

1. Flowers symbolize forgiveness.

Sending flowers after a fight means you want to reconcile immediately so conflict will not persist. You must choose flowers that represent forgiveness, humility, or love to reflect your real feelings towards someone you have hurt during a quarrel. The receiver will realize the effort you have exerted while selecting the right flower arrangement and feel how determined you are in seeking forgiveness.

2. Flowers help bridge the gap.

Flowers are one of the perfect choices if you want to overcome any misunderstandings and bridge the gap between you and your family member, friend, or partner. Misunderstanding must be resolved fast so the disagreement will not continue and become bigger. One of the easiest ways to do this is by sending flowers after a fight. Give a floral arrangement composed of the person’s favorite flowers for a more personal touch.  

3. Flowers convey unconditional love.

When you are sending flowers after a fight with someone, be sure what blooms can express your unconditional love and if these are suitable for the kind of relationship you have with the receiver. Flowers that convey deep love such as red roses are ideal to give a family member, partner, or spouse but not to a colleague you just recently met in a meeting.   

Quarrels can lead to further conflicts if these are not resolved immediately. Express genuine remorse for hurting someone by sending flowers after a fight to make the relationship better. To get your sincerest message across, here are 5 practical tips for sending beautiful blooms after engaging in a dispute.

5 Suggestions for Giving Flowers to Make Up after a Fight

1. Select flowers that express your sincerest apology.

People commit mistakes while in a heated argument only to regret the wrong words and actions afterward. It can be difficult for others to ask for forgiveness so sending flowers after a fight is a great way to reconcile. This kind gesture can warm the heart and show sincerity after any kind of disagreement. Choose flowers that convey meanings related to apology, forgiveness, or humility such as the following: 

  • Daffodils – Daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings since they are among the first flowers to bloom at the end of winter. For this reason, they are perfect gifts to send after a fight to renew the relationship and leave behind the past hurts.
  • Sunflowers – Sending flowers after a fight can brighten up and lighten the mood of the receiver. Sunflowers can put a smile on the face and may help the receiver in getting rid of his or her anger at the sight of these cheery and bright blooms.
  • Carnations – Yellow carnations symbolize disappointment and can express your frustration in yourself during and after the argument. Pink carnations are suitable for mending a strained friendship with a message that you will work hard to fix the relationship. Red carnations convey love and can be given instead of red roses if you need to say sorry to a special someone. 
  • Hyacinths – Purple or blue hyacinths are good options when sending flowers after a fight. Let the receiver know that you are deeply sorry through these florals that are associated with sincerity and regret. Blue hyacinths also symbolize peace which is appropriate to give after a fight.
  • Roses – Roses are one of the best gifts to give your girlfriend after a fight. Red roses express unconditional love and affection, making them good choices to say sorry to a girlfriend you have hurt. These blooms remind them that your feelings still burn intensely for them.
  • Tulips – Sending flowers after a fight to your wife or girlfriend is essential to avoid more misunderstanding. Tulips are favorite apology flowers to send to women. Choose tulips as gifts to give your girlfriend after a fight because they represent a fresh and beautiful start. They also signify forgiveness, which is important if you want to make amends with your wife or girlfriend.
  • Orchids – It is not only women who would appreciate a stunning floral arrangement after a heated argument. Your husband or boyfriend would also be happy to receive flowers. Orchids are great gifts to give your boyfriend after a fight. They represent strength to let him know that you recognize it in him. White or lighter shades of orchids also symbolize long-lasting love.

Flower Patch Shop offers various fresh flowers such as tulips, lilies, carnations, sunflowers, and roses. The beautiful floral arrangements are skillfully created by its expert florists. They are perfect gifts to send a loved one with or without a special occasion to express your personal message.

2. Choose the right colors of blooms that best express your message.

Special consideration goes into the selection of the colors if you are sending flowers after a fight. Colors can change the meaning of flowers. Color psychology shows that there are shades that represent various emotions, so choosing the right flower colors that will best reflect your feelings towards someone after a conflict is important. Some of these blooms include:

  • Pink shades express gratefulness, appreciation, love, and devotion to someone. Be sure to convey your lasting love when sending flowers after a fight so these pink blooms are perfect reminders that you still love the receiver despite going through some misunderstandings.
  • Yellow flowers are best to give to close friends because they represent friendship and happiness. They can be sent as reconciliation gifts to a close friend whom you have hurt or misunderstood during a fight.
  • White blooms symbolize rebirth. Choose white when sending flowers after a fight to convey hope of a brand new start in a relationship whether it is romantic or not. 
  • Red flowers like red roses are associated with love and passion so they are among the top choices to express apology when sending flowers after a fight with a romantic partner.
  • Blue colored-blooms represent hope and truth so they are suitable when thinking of sending flowers after a fight. The best things to do when it comes to saying sorry after a disagreement are to be truthful about your true feelings and be honest in telling the truth.
3. Write an apology letter together with the flower arrangement.

Apologizing is the best way to get a strained relationship back to normal and prevent any conflict from continuing. Sending flowers after a fight can convey love and regret over what happened. Be sure to include an apology letter to let the person know that you are sorry. Even a short note will do as long as the written words are sincere. This can be the start of a reconciliation with the other person.      

4. Add cakes and yummy treats to a lovely bouquet.

There is a famous adage that says the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach but women are also the same. Yummy treats like cakes, chocolates, and doughnuts can be shared while sorting out some misunderstandings. Sending flowers after a fight together with good food is a good way to reconcile with someone.

Flower Patch Shop can make any bouquet extra special with a range of add-ons like cakes, chocolates, and doughnuts among others. Sending these sweet treats along with the floral arrangement can brighten up the receiver.  

5. Deliver the bouquet in person.

Deliver the flowers personally to show your sincerity and apologize directly for whatever hurt you may have caused during a fight. This is a good opportunity to have a serious conversation afterward.


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It is not always easy to say sorry after an argument. However, it is essential to save the relationship whether it is romantic or not. Sending flowers after a fight is a good option to reconcile with a family member, friend, or partner. Hurtful words and actions may have strained a beautiful relationship so necessary steps must be taken to bring it back to normal and avoid further misunderstanding. Flowers can convey various sentiments and together with the colors you select can express messages of love, happiness, and friendship among others. When sending flowers after a fight try to accompany them with a personal letter or sweet treats to make the gifts extra special to the receiver.     


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