Get More Romantic with Tulips from Flower Patch

Tulips flowers originally came from Turkey. According to Turkish legends, a stone cutter named Farhad fell in love with a princess named Shirin. Through playing music, Farhad eventually wins her over. But, Shirin’s father, the king, is against the two of them. So, he asks Farhad to dig a giant canal to prove his love. After a few years, when Farhad finishes the canal, the king sends a woman to tell Farhad that the Princess Shirin is dead. He felt heartbroken and he takes his own life. When Shirin learns of this, she goes to find Farhad and kills herself as well to join in him the afterlife. It is said that red tulips grew where their blood hit the ground. This is why tulips are said to be a symbol of an everlasting love.

Tulips are often listed as one of the most romantic flowers. Its vibrant colors are eye-catching and striking. Its rich history and meaning makes it one of the most famous flowers in history. They are one of the first flowers that bloom during spring, so they are also associated with rebirth and new beginnings. As a gift, they can mean deep love and devotion, cheerfulness or forgiveness – depending on the color.

Since, the beauty of tulips has not faded; it is perfect as an addition for any home. It seems to add a pop of vibrant hue to any space.

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