Spread Positivity with a Carnation Bouquet from Flower Patch

Carnations are flowers that are often associated with love. And, inasmuch as love has many forms, carnations also carry varied meanings.

Carnations are the official flower for Mother’s Day as they are often associated with motherly love. According to a Christian legend, carnations were formed from the tears of the Virgin Mary touching the ground when she witnessed Jesus Christ carrying the cross to his death.

However, in Japanese cultures, red carnations symbolize strong love and commitment between couples. Which is why it is no surprise that in Japan’s neighboring country, China, carnations are the most common flower used in marriage ceremonies.

As gifts, carnations are favorable since they stay fresh for long periods of time. They are also highly recognizable, beautiful and are available in a variety of shades and colors. Pink carnations are often associated with mothers and motherly love, but they are also often given to women as a sign of admiration and adoration. But, as they say, the deeper the color, the deeper the emotions are felt. And, so deep reds are related with deep and unending passion. Their full blooms come in either a full single color or striped. Traditionally, the striped ones carry negative connotations such as rejection, one cannot deny that their beauty is just as astonishing. Carnations, especially ones that are thoughtfully arranged, are guaranteed to make anyone’s day.

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