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Featured Flower Arrangements in Pateros City

Expressing your affection for a loved one in Pateros City is easy when you say it with flowers from Flower Patch.

For centuries, flowers have been used as gifts to convey deep human emotions like love, admiration, sympathy, and well-wishes. In fact, this act can be traced back to antiquity. For instance, during the Victorian era, it was considered rude to express feelings through words. People began giving flowers and the tradition continues up until now.

Check out our featured flower arrangements in Pateros City! Our skilled florists put together blooms in order to match your preference. Each color, flower combinations, and even the wrapper and ribbon matters. Be it a bouquet, vase arrangement, flowers in a box, and more – Flower Patch has a plethora of choices for you. If you’re still not aware, we offer free same-day flower delivery in Pateros City.

The Perfect Flowers for Every Occasion

Being one of the leading flower shops in the Philippines, Flower Patch ensures that the blooms you’ll give are fresh and delicately-made. Our wide selection of flowers for various occasions makes the choosing game easier for you. Is it for a birthday, anniversary, inauguration, or Mother’s Day? Don’t worry! Flower Patch got you covered. Here are a few of our featured flower arrangements for every occasion. Order now and enjoy our free same-day flower delivery in Pateros City.

Special Add-ons and Gifts

When you’re sending flowers to someone you value, don’t hesitate to go extra. You can include a few add-ons in the form of stuffed toys, cakes, doughnuts, balloons, bottles of wine – anything that can take your surprise a notch higher. What are you waiting for? Choose the best item to go with the blooms! Note that we offer free same-day flower delivery in Pateros City so you won’t have to worry about picking up a grand package.

Note: Add-on gifts should include at least one (1) flower arrangement. We do not provide delivery services for orders without any flower arrangement.

Did you know that the act of giving flowers has a rich history? Flowers have been used in social traditions. For ancient Greeks, they were a representation of the gods and goddesses. Blooms possess elegance and beauty that can speak volumes of your love and support.

Flower Patch is a flower shop in the Philippines that wants to make it convenient for customers to send fresh blooms to someone close to their hearts. With our free flower delivery and same-day flower delivery services, you can guarantee on receiving flowers in tip-top shape upon the agreed time. No matter the occasion and your preference for flower arrangements, our florists are here to give you well-arranged blooms to brighten up any moment.

Order from our Flower Patch to enjoy our free same-day flower delivery in Pateros City!

Flower Delivery Guidelines in Pateros City

Don’t worry about the delivery fee! You can take advantage of our free flower delivery services in Pateros City, which starts from 9:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M. We can deliver blooms beyond these hours, however, additional charges will apply.

Flower Patch offers same-day flower delivery services in Metro Manila, including Pateros City!
Orders for same-day flower delivery must be placed before 2:00 pm (Philippine Time). Otherwise, the ordered flowers will be delivered and prioritized the following day.

Note: Same Day Flower Delivery is not possible during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Orders placed within Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will be delivered the following day. Please check the advance notice of the cut-off before placing an order.

Office Flower Delivery in Pateros City: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Residential Flower Delivery in Pateros City: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Cancellation and change of order should be made at least 24 hours before delivery. For cancellation and change of order please get in touch with us immediately.

Flower Delivery Areas in Pateros City

  • Aguho, Pateros City
  • Martires Del 96, Pateros City
  • Magtanggol, Pateros City
  • Poblacion, Pateros City
  • San Pedro, Pateros City
  • San Roque, Pateros City
  • Santa Ana, Pateros City
  • Santo Rosario-Kanluran, Pateros City
  • Santo Rosario-Silangan, Pateros City
  • Tabacalera, Pateros City
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