Express Undying Love with Lilies from Flower Patch

According to Greek mythology, Zeus wanted his son Hercules to drink the milk of Hera, his wife and mother of the gods. But since, Hercules was born of a human mother, Hera did not agree. While Hera was sleeping, Zeus tried to bring Hercules to drink from her. But, she awoke and pushed the two away. Drops of her milk spilled onto the ground and from it, sprouted beautiful lilies. Because of this, lilies are associated with motherhood and rebirth.

Across the globe, Chinese often use lilies in weddings. It is believed that lilies mean love for a hundred years and it is the flower that can bring good luck to lovers and families. Meanwhile, for the Romans, they adored the lilies for its lovely scent. They even used lilies to fill pillows and quilts for its pleasant aroma.

When sending lilies as gifts, it is highly flexible because of its rich associations. Their striking color and appearance also makes them suitable for any occasion.

If you are looking to give these flowers as a bouquet, at Flower Patch, lilies are expertly prepared by in-house florists to cater to everyone’s needs. Whatever the occasion is, we can provide you with a beautiful flower arrangement that features this popular flower.

Share the beauty of the Lilies with those who are special to you. Order them through Flower Patch’s online flower shop. You’re sure that we offer only the best handmade and perfectly crafted arrangements for any occasion.

Our free flower delivery services are available for clients in the key cities of Metro Manila, Philippines including Makati, Pasig, Ortigas, Alabang, Libis, and Quezon City. Order now!

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