Ferrero Rocher

Flowers are versatile gifts that you can give on any occasion. Flowers can express gratitude, sympathy, but most commonly, it can express romance. This is why flowers are often parts of wedding ceremonies, courtship and anniversaries. Beautiful blossoms truly make the tender occasions sweeter. But, if in any case flowers are not sweet enough for you, you can also go down the traditional route of giving chocolates!

In ancient times, the Aztecs actually considered chocolate as a gift from the gods. The chocolate’s luscious and (at that time) bitter taste was reserved for royalty. But as the chocolate’s popularity spread through Europe, it gained the reputation of being an aphrodisiac. Hence, it was known as the “elixir of love”. This is the reason chocolates are oftentimes related to romance and passion. Nowadays, chocolates are usually sweet and velvety – often used to symbolize the sweetness of the person receiving them. Scientifically, chocolates are great to fuel interest. It is said that if a person eats sweets on a first date, they are more likely to be interested in the other person. According to scientists, sweet taste and feelings of romance and love activate the same brain systems. Both sensations also trigger the brain to release dopamine – the “pleasure” hormone that keeps us motivated to experience the pleasures of reward. This is why chocolates are actually good to give on a first date!

Whether it’s to ensure the success of a date or to make your significant other feel giddy, chocolates are always a welcome addition to any gift. Paired with the most beautiful flower arrangement, you can definitely be sure that it will impress and amaze anyone! Flower Patch offers thoughtful and sweet creations using Ferrero Rocher chocolates to make anyone’s day brighter, lovelier, and sweeter.

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