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Featured Flower Arrangements in San Juan City

Want to impress someone in San Juan city? A nice bouquet of flowers from Flower Patch can help you do the trick!

A certified crowd-pleaser, mesmerizing flower arrangements never fail to put a smile on someone’s face. They may not be able to talk but they are enough to express emotions too intense for words to completely convey. For example, if you’re looking to confess your love to someone, bundles of beautiful blooms can create a great impression and show effort. And if you please to decorate, you can put a vase arrangement to transform an empty space to a vibrant area. These and many other uses are the reasons why many find favor in flowers.

Check out our wide selection of flower arrangements that range from bouquets to vase arrangements, to baskets, inaugural standee, and so on. With our free same-day flower delivery in San Juan City, you can count on Flower Patch to deliver the special surprise even though you are oceans away.

The Perfect Flowers for Every Occasion

The custom of giving flowers has long been a staple for various occasions in history. In fact, flowers have been a part and continue to be part of religious rituals since some cultures believe that they carry spiritual meanings. Blossoms are also a popular go-to when it comes to romantic gifts. After all, whose heart wouldn’t melt upon receiving a set of fascinating flowers that speak volumes of someone’s love and appreciation for you? This is why during Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, love confessions, and many more, blooms are often seen gracing the sweet moment.

But apart from romantically intimate occasions, flower arrangement can also be seen on inauguration ceremonies, funerals, birthdays and just about any occasion. Shop from Flower Patch today and avail of our free same-day flower delivery in San Juan City!

Special Add-ons and Gifts

Going all-out with the surprise is the not-so-secret road to impress someone. Efforts always prove the miles you’d go to just to show your loved ones how special they are to you. This is why apart from arrangement of blooms, Flower Patch also includes add-ons that can make the celebration worth remembering. Stuffed toys, balloons, cakes, doughnuts, or a bottle of wine – you’re free to choose what goes best with your ordered flowers.

Want to avail of our free same-day flower delivery in San Juan City? Order from our selection of flower arrangements along with these add-ons now!

Note: Add-on gifts should include at least one (1) flower arrangement. We do not provide delivery services for orders without any flower arrangement.

There’s gold in knowing how to make your loved ones happy. Seeing them smile are often enough reason to leave you grinning as well. Imagine this scenario after you’ve handed out a bouquet of flowers to someone close to your heart. Doesn’t it leave a satisfying feeling knowing that you’re the reason behind their delight? Flowers have ways to do that. As if working like magic, breathtaking blooms can instantly lighten up the mood and send giddy emotions to the one receiving the floral gift.

Flower Patch is one of the leading flower shops in the Philippines, providing you with fresh and beautiful blooms. We have a wide selection of our flower arrangements, occasion-based flowers, and special add-ons to ensure that you are up for a successful surprise. Order blooms from our flower shop today and we’ll deliver them in San Juan City through our free flower delivery services! We also offer same day flower delivery so you won’t have to worry about your package arriving days late for the occasion.

Flower Delivery Guidelines in Valenzuela City

You don’t have to worry about the flower delivery fee! Take advantage of our free flower delivery services in San Juan City. We start our free flower delivery in Metro Manila from 9:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M. We can deliver blooms beyond these hours, however, we charge a flower delivery fee.

Flower Patch offers same-day flower delivery services in Metro Manila, including San Juan City! Orders for same-day flower delivery must be placed before 2:00 P.M. (Philippine Time). Otherwise, the ordered flowers will be delivered and prioritized the following day.

Note: Same Day Flower Delivery in San Juan is not possible during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Orders placed within Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will be delivered the following day. Please check the advance notice of the cut-off before placing an order.

Office Flower Delivery in San Juan City: 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
Residential Flower Delivery in San Juan City: 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Cancellation and change of order should be made at least 24 hours before delivery. For cancellation and change of order please get in touch with us immediately.

Flower Delivery Areas in San Juan City

District 1

  • Balong–Bato, District 1, San Juan City
  • Batis, District 1, San Juan City
  • Corazon de Jesús, District 1, San Juan City
  • Ermitaño, District 1, San Juan City
  • Pasadeña, District 1, San Juan City
  • Pedro Cruz, District 1, San Juan City
  • Progreso, District 1, San Juan City
  • Rivera, District 1, San Juan City
  • Salapan, District 1, San Juan City
  • San Perfecto, District 1, San Juan City

District 2

  • Addition Hills, District 2, San Juan City
  • Greenhills, District 2, San Juan City
  • Isabelita, District 2, San Juan City
  • Kabayanan, District 2, San Juan City
  • Little Baguio, District 2, San Juan City
  • Maytunas, District 2, San Juan City
  • Onse, District 2, San Juan City
  • Saint Joseph, District 2, San Juan City
  • Santa Lucia, District 2, San Juan City
  • Tibagan, District 2, San Juan City
  • West Crame, District 2, San Juan City
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