Flower Patch Delivery Caloocan City (North)

Featured Flower Arrangements in Caloocan City (North)

The act of sending flowers is one of the many ways that you can express your love, devotion, or sympathy to someone. If you want to send a flower arrangement to anywhere in North Caloocan, we can help you!

Let us help you get the nicest blooms can send your intended message across, even without talking. In fact, some thoughts that are hard to put into words are conveyed through floral arrangements. Order any of our arrangement below and avail of our free same-day flower delivery in Caloocan City (North)!

The Perfect Flowers for Every Occasion

Flowers are popular gifting items for a reason. They have this irresistible beauty and charm that can lighten up the celebration. The versatile appeal of blooms also makes them appropriate presents for any occasion – be it birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, inauguration and the list goes on.

If you’re in search of blooms to bring for certain celebrations, you have found the perfect flower shop! Flower Patch provides you with a bountiful selection of captivating flower arrangements specially made for various occasions. Order now and avail of our free same-day flower delivery in Caloocan City (North).

Special Add-ons and Gifts

Make every surprise count. If you think flowers would better convey the message with a few add-ons, then go for it! Don’t hesitate to go above and beyond just to show how much effort you’re willing to extend for the people you cherish. After all, they deserve only the best, don’t they?

At Flower Patch, we want to help our customers express their feelings in creative ways. This is why we included a selection especially made for special add-ons and gifts. Here you can find lovable stuffed toys, boxes of sweet treats, balloons, and a bottle of wine. Just remember to order any of our flower arrangements to go with the pieces. With our free same-day flower delivery in Caloocan City (North), we guarantee to deliver the freshest blooms on time.

Note: Add-on gifts should include at least one (1) flower arrangement. We do not provide delivery services for orders without any flower arrangement.

Flowers have the power to catch attention and touch the emotions. No wonder why they are a popular go-to when it comes to gift ideas. Interestingly, flowers also carry meanings rooted in cultural associations. For instance, red roses signify romance, while yellow roses convey happiness. To express trust and passion, sunflowers are the ideal choice. Whether you opt for a classic bouquet of roses or a sweet treat through boxes filled with flowers and chocolates, the bottom line is you’ll never go wrong with flowers.

Here at Flower Patch, we value your preferences. We know for a fact that people have different tastes when it comes to floral choices so it is always better to have as many choices that will suit your style.

You can find a wide selection of our flower arrangements, occasion-based flowers, and special add-ons in our store. Order blooms from our flower shop and take advantage of our free same-day flower delivery in Caloocan City (North)!

Flower Delivery Guidelines in Valenzuela City

Don’t worry about the delivery fee! You can take advantage of our free flower delivery services in Caloocan City (North), which starts from 9:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M. We can deliver blooms beyond these hours, however, additional charges will apply.

Flower Patch offers same-day flower delivery services in Metro Manila, including Caloocan City (North)! Orders for same-day flower delivery must be placed before 2:00 pm (Philippine Time). Otherwise, the ordered flowers will be delivered and prioritized the following day.

Note: Same Day Flower Delivery is not possible during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Orders placed within Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will be delivered the following day. Please check the advance notice of the cut-off before placing an order.

Office Flower Delivery in Caloocan City (North): 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Residential Flower Delivery in Caloocan City (North): 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Cancellation and change of order should be made at least 24 hours before delivery. For cancellation and change of order please get in touch with us immediately.

Flower Delivery Areas in Valenzuela City

Zone 15

  • Barangay 165, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 166, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 167, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 168, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 169, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 170, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 171, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 172, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 173, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 174, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 175, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 176, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 177, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 178, Caloocan City (North)

Zone 16

  • Barangay 179, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 180, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 181, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 182, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 183, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 184, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 185, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 186, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 187, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 188, Caloocan City (North)
  • Barangay 189, Caloocan City (North)
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