How to Apologize Sincerely Aside from Saying “Sorry”

Sometimes words are not enough to say “sorry”. This word could either mean a lot or nothing. For some, “sorry” is already an overused word to make up for misgivings to the point that sincerity seems to be already lacking. While apologizing for a mistake coupled with respect is still the best option, it also makes sense to know some of the best approaches that will help you apologize sincerely.

Are you struggling with how to apologize sincerely or feel that saying “sorry” isn’t enough? Here are some of the ways to express your apologies.


Ways to Apologize Sincerely Other than Saying “Sorry”

Prepare food.

They say that the stomach is the way to a man’s heart. This could be true especially if you want to say ‘sorry’ to someone you know who loves to eat. Prepare a nice meal and include his/her favorite food. If you’re not great at cooking, you can also order and send it as a surprise delivery. Aside from the thoughtfulness enclosed with the gesture, your effort and time in preparing food are some of the factors that make the act of apologizing seem more sincere.


Say it with chocolates.

Chocolates are proven to influence a positive mood among people. They have mood enhancers that can help set the right atmosphere between you and someone you’ve wronged. Chocolates can be given casually. It can be used as a conversation starter and minimize awkward moments. While many may associate chocolates with romantic gestures, they can also serve as “peace offerings”.


Send an apology card.

When you cannot say “sorry” personally because of distance or when you’re not yet comfortable saying it in person, you can start with an apology card. Choose one with an appropriate message and compose a personal letter. Even a short message that expresses your sincerity can be a huge step to being at peace with another person.


Buy a present.

There may be no occasion to buy a gift, but expressing your heartfelt apology can be done by giving him/her a present. Be extra thoughtful in choosing the best gifts. Buying an item that he/she wanted for so long is a thoughtful gesture. Choose gifts based on his/her preferences. Bring the gift personally so you can start the reconciliation process. Having the gift delivered would be nice as long as you’ll make the effort to call or have a conversation afterward.


Send flowers.

Flowers, like chocolates, have a positive impact on humans. They can generate happiness and improve the mood of people while reducing stress. They create positive energy that makes them perfect when asking for an apology. A long-stemmed rose or a colorful flower bouquet would both be perfect as long as the gesture is accompanied by sincerity.


Other reasons to consider apology flowers to say “sorry” includes:

  • Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. Delight and gratitude are some of the common reactions after receiving flowers in all age groups.
  • Flowers reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Flowers help build intimate connections.


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Saying “sorry” can be done in many ways. Words may not be enough to express how regretful you are but gestures that show sincerity and thoughtfulness can help restore relationships.


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