Your Guide to Choosing Inaugural Flowers

Launching a business is an opportunity to make an excellent first impression. It presents the chance to introduce a venture memorably. As they say, first impressions last. When introducing your business to your community, you’d want to put your best foot forward. Aside from the big stuff that you need to plan, one of the things that you should also look into is the inaugural flowers that you’d choose to highlight your launch.

Inaugural flowers may seem like an ordinary adornment to your launch but they are an essential inclusion that you should not overlook when planning your event.


Why Use Inaugural Flowers
  • Use inaugural flowers to celebrate a new venture
  • Make people know about a new business
  • Display it as an embellishment
  • Give it as a gift to someone starting a venture


Finding the best inauguration flowers should be easy. There is a wide selection of flowers that can be turned into a flower arrangement for the inauguration. If you want to get some ideas on what the inaugural flowers are, you can refer to the list below.


Different Types of Inaugural Flowers



Roses may have romantic associations but because of their color variations, it is also a suitable choice for inaugural flowers. Yellow roses are symbols of celebrations and new beginnings while pink roses convey messages of support during important events.

They can be used separately or may be combined. Whatever you prefer, they are sure to add a beautiful touch to a place and add a warm and cheerful atmosphere.



These are elegant-looking flowers with a lovely scent. Aside from being a nice inaugural flower arrangement, lilies come with meanings that are perfect for new ventures. These flowers are symbols of blessings, wealth, and prosperity which further add meaning to using inaugural flowers.



This is another type of symbolic flower that is perfect to be used as inaugural flowers. Aside from beauty, orchids also symbolize luxury and strength. They also come in different variants and colors that can be made into nice flower arrangements.



A type of daisy, gerberas are popular for their vibrant colors. The mere sight of these flowers can already create a positive vibe in any setting not to mention that they are really beautiful to be used as an ornament. Furthermore, they represent passion, happiness eternity, and positivity. They can also stay nice for a long time and can be displayed for an extended period to make the most of this inaugural player. 



You can easily spot hydrangea in various types of flower arrangements and floral gift boxes. They can also be used to make beautiful inaugural flower arrangements. Hydrangea comes with significant meaning. It symbolizes hope, love, happiness, loyalty, and reunion which make them the perfect flowers to send a congratulatory message to a friend who is entering a new venture.


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Inaugural flowers are commonly present in business launches, new ventures, and other events that mark new beginnings. It may seem like an added cost but they serve important purposes that make them essential in such types of gatherings. The meanings behind different types of flowers further add to their importance.


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