8 Flower Gifting Ideas that Add Meanings to Bouquets

You will never go wrong with gifting flowers for special occasions. A simple or elaborate bouquet can put a smile on the face of a person. Flowers add meaning and joy to a celebration such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, or important career milestones. Giving flowers is a sweet gesture that goes a long way into the heart and mind of the receiver.

If sending floral arrangements has become a regular habit that your loved ones are already used to receiving them from you, maybe it is time for you to level up and make it more meaningful how you give flowers. Here are 8 flower gifting ideas that you can consider the next time you buy blooms for someone special.   

8 Creative Ideas to Give Flowers

1. Surprise Someone With Flowers When There Is No Occasion.

Who says sending bouquets is only meant for special occasions? Unexpected gifts can warm the heart of the receiver who feels loved and remembered even on ordinary days. A surprise floral arrangement is highly-appreciated because the recipient has zero expectations about it. Flower gifting ideas such as this convey the message that you always care and think of that person.   

2. Send Flowers as a Cheer-up Gift.

Sending a surprise bouquet can brighten up someone’s day. This is one of the flower gifting ideas that involve giving unexpected presents. You can give colorful mixed flowers if you know that your friend is having a tough time. A stunning arrangement of sunflowers, daisies, or roses can uplift the mood of a person. A study shows that flowers can have a positive effect on mood. Participants of the study reported feeling less depressed after receiving flowers. Sometimes all it takes is a touch of thoughtfulness like sending a surprise bouquet and a listening ear to ease the burden of someone.  

3. Give Loved Ones a Beautiful Arrangement of Favorite Flowers.

One of the best flower gifting ideas is to send someone a nice arrangement of their favorite flowers. This means you take particular interest in their likes and remember them. This gesture conveys your affection and helps strengthen your relationship. 

Flower Patch Delivery offers a wide variety of flowers like roses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, and carnations to match any occasion. Using fresh local and imported flowers, each floral arrangement is meticulously designed by expert florists in boxes, baskets, vases, and bouquets to meet the client’s preferences. Flower Patch makes choosing easy with the availability of flowers in different shapes, colors, and sizes. These floral ornaments are sure to bring joy and happiness to their receivers.                                                                                                         

4. Choose Different Themes When You Give Flowers.

You can try using various floral themes each time you send flowers if you are thinking about unique flower gifting ideas. Each flower provides a new experience to the receivers. You can give them a bouquet of fragrant flowers such as rose, lily, lavender, lilac, or jasmine. You can later send a stunning floral arrangement of chrysanthemums, carnations, dahlias, orchids, lilies, or sunflowers that are known to last for several days.

Also included in these flower gifting ideas are the birth month flowers which you may send in time for their birthdays. If the person is an October celebrant, give a bouquet or a pot of marigolds while you can send a floral arrangement of roses if the person’s birthday is in June. You can also give blooms that have specific meanings like lilac for first love, red rose for passionate love, yellow rose for friendship, white tulip to convey forgiveness, or pink carnation to express gratitude. 

5. Add-ons Can Make a Gift Bouquet Extra Special.

Think outside the box by including add-ons to your bouquet. Some of these flower gifting ideas can include:

  • An adorable teddy bear carrying a cute bouquet and a handwritten message.
  • Add a bottle of wine or champagne to any intimate celebration.
  • Make it a feast for the tummy by accompanying your floral arrangements with some yummy treats like chocolates, cakes, or doughnuts that food lovers cannot resist.
  • A large balloon with an imprinted special occasion on it can give an extra touch to flowers.      

Flower Patch Delivery can make your flower bouquet arrangements more special with a range of add-ons

It can create a personalized bouquet arrangement if you are looking for a better way to express your heartfelt message. Just choose among the stuffed toys, balloons, chocolates, cakes, doughnuts, and wine options that will come along with your bouquet.

6. Give Flowers to Future In-Laws.

Flower gifting ideas can also include people closest to your special someone.  You can send an attractive floral arrangement to your loved one’s mother on Mother’s Day. This can strengthen your relationship with the family and you earn extra brownie points if in case she becomes your mother-in-law.

7. Send Bouquet Through Delivery Services.

Sometimes personally giving your floral gifts is impossible. Flower gifting ideas like delivery services may be a good option. You can call or order online and have an expert florist design an amazing bouquet to be delivered at home or to the office of your loved one.

Flower Patch offers Same Day Delivery services in key cities such as Makati, Pasig, Ortigas, Alabang, Libis, and Quezon City. It also provides free delivery services within Metro Manila.

8. Personally Deliver Flowers At Home.

Going to your loved one’s house to personally deliver the bouquet is a sweet gesture. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing someone special unexpectedly  with a lovely flower arrangement in his hand. Flower gifting ideas like this let your loved one know how much they mean to you.


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You will never go wrong with giving flowers with or without special occasions. Flower gifting is a sweet gesture that adds meaning to any relationship whether romantic or not. You can level up and become more creative in sending flowers to your loved ones. All it takes is to think out of the box and come up with special flower gifting ideas that you can follow.        


Flower Patch Delivery offers bouquets and flower arrangements that you can send as a thoughtful gesture to someone for any important occasion. Whether it is intended for a happy celebration like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings or a solemn ceremony, our expert florists can create flower arrangements that suit the occasion and your personal preference. Do you need help in choosing the right flowers and add-ons for your bouquet? Flower Patch can assist.



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