The Meaning of Gifting Flowers in Various Countries

For many people, gifting flowers is associated with a special occasion. Flowers are often used as presents as they are some of the gifts that suit most occasions. However, in various cultures and countries, there are different meanings associated with giving flowers as gifts.

Interested? Read on to know the meaning of gifting flowers in different countries.


What Gifting Flowers Mean in Different Countries



Tradition heavily influences the act of gifting flowers in Japan. Aside from giving them to celebrate social events, flowers are also given as a social obligation like when a person returned from a trip. It is expected that a person who traveled will return with gifts or Omiyage (souvenirs) to be given to friends, family and co-workers. 

As a precaution, one should know that gifting flowers could also be tricky in Japan.

  • While a bouquet of flowers can be given to someone who is sick, it is discouraged to send potted plants to a sick person in the hospital. It is considered offensive as it may be interpreted as wishing someone that his/her illness will worsen or take ‘deeper root’.
  • Red roses also signify romance in Japan while red carnations are for familial love.
  • To celebrate good news and glad tidings, iris is the flower of choice.
  • Sunflowers are a popular choice to signify adoration and loyalty.



Generally, gift-giving in China is done as a sign of respect, gratitude, friendship, love and hospitality.  And as with other countries, there are important meanings in gifting flowers that should guide you when making a choice.

  • White flowers and chrysanthemums are used in funerals as they signify mourning.
  • Sunflowers or carnations are preferred for thanksgiving
  • Tulips are usually given to those with admirable intellect.
  • Dahlias and peonies represent honor and are also associated with good fortune.



Known for their laid back attitude when it comes to gift-giving, Americans usually give flowers on special occasions and even on gloomy days to make one’s presence felt and show support. Gifting flowers is also common during major holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, and others.



There is no special ritual in France when it comes to gift-giving but they are particular about getting someone a gift that he/she will appreciate. When it comes to gifting flowers, they are particular about choosing the right ones as they value the different meanings of flowers in their culture. 

Some of the things to consider when gifting flowers in France are the following :

  • Reserve red roses for the one you are deeply in love with
  • Avoid 13 flowers in a bouquet as they are associated with bad luck.
  • Refrain from choosing red carnations as they send a message of ill will.
  • Don’t give yellow flowers to a partner as they symbolize unfaithfulness.
  • Remember that chrysanthemums and lilies are used as funeral flowers



Mexican culture puts great importance on gift-giving. There are settings when gifts are expected, otherwise, your gesture may be seen as very offensive. In business settings or when visiting a home, small gifts are very much welcome and are considered as parts of proper etiquette.

Gifting flowers are usually welcome on most occasions. Red roses are still appropriate for someone you love while white flowers are given to cheer up another. Orchids represent luxury and beauty while daisies are for families and are symbolic of respect. If there is a flower that you should be careful in giving, that would be yellow flowers. These blooms are only given on the Day of the Dead as they are associated with death.


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Flowers make beautiful gifts and they usually get a positive response from the receiver. While there are certain rules in gifting flowers that you already know, you still have to be aware of the tradition and beliefs observed in different countries. Take note of the tips mentioned above to make sure that you’ll relay the right message when giving flowers as gifts.


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