Long Distance Valentines Day Celebration Ideas for Couples Far Apart

Most couples in a long-distance relationship deal with challenges. The distance between them may make the heart grow fonder, but of course, it comes with sacrifices too. Adding to that are occasions like Valentine’s Day that make one more sentimental and add up to their longing. 

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Conquer the distance and feel the love with these Valentine’s Day celebration ideas!


Long Distance Valentines Day Ideas that Conquer Distances


1. Have a Zoom Valentine’s Date Night

Zoom has been effective in connecting people. This Valentine’s day skip the Messenger chatbox or Viber messaging and schedule a Zoom date night. Customize your background to make it more occasion-appropriate. There are available backgrounds that you can use with the app but you can upload your own photo too. Choose a special venue that will bring back sweet memories to create a romantic vibe instantly!


2. Watch a Movie ‘Together’

Do you both love watching movies and used to spend binge-watch together? Even when you are miles apart, this can still be possible. Download a movie of your choice or find a series on Netflix that you will both enjoy. You can do it via Face time or you can create a room on Facebook Messenger to make each other’s presence felt during this romantic day. If you’re planning a movie marathon, try to be extra by having his/her favorite snacks delivered!


3. Have a Game Night

Want to make sure that your Valentine’s date night won’t be boring? Keep the fun rolling by planning a game night. There are several games that you can play online that combine fun and competition. You can also have some cocktails and snacks in between. You may not be together physically, but you can engage in activities that you’ll both enjoy!


4. Share the Same Meal

Reminisce the time when both of you can still go out and eat at your favorite restaurant. Surprise your date with food delivery. Order for yourself too so you can eat together just like the old days. Make it more romantic by dressing up and setting up a table as if you’re really dining out. 


5. Send a Personalized Care Package

Since you won’t be personally there to pamper and care for your special someone, you can show your thoughtfulness by sending a personalized care package. Imagine how he/she will react to a package filled with his/her favorite things. This can include snacks, toiletries, souvenirs, and anything that he/she collects. You may not be there, but this will show how you make sure that his/her needs are well taken cared of.


6. Don’t Forget the Flowers

Giving flowers for Valentine’s day may no longer be unusual but it is timeless too. It is a pleasant surprise that can easily flatter many women. You may have no idea but your loved one may actually be expecting to receive flowers from you this Valentine’s day and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them. Aside from choosing the perfect bouquet, you can also choose some add-ons to go with Valentine’s day flowers. Options range from chocolates to balloons and stuffed toys.


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No matter how far you are, there are ways to celebrate Valentine’s day and show your significant other how much you think of them especially during this season of love. Be creative while being thoughtful. There are several options for a long-distance Valentine’s day celebration even when you’re miles apart.

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