Ideal Flower Color Combinations for Your Event

The right color combinations for a bouquet can produce a stunning floral design. With the range of flowers available, you can create a flower arrangement that could match the theme of  special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, debuts, graduations, or anniversaries.

The question is, how can you achieve the ideal flower color combinations for bouquets? A color wheel is a reliable tool that can help you choose varied yet harmonious colors for any floral arrangement like a bouquet. The color wheel separates the spectrum into three primary colors, three secondary colors, and six tertiary colors. It is a good reference for deciding what flower color combinations to choose based on the event’s motif. Below, you’ll   find out how to mix and match the right palettes to crearte the ideal flower color combinations for an event.

6 Flower Color Combinations for Your Event

1. Complementary

This combines colors located on opposite sides of the color wheel. Bright pairings of orange and blue, yellow and violet, or red and green produce intense flower color combinations for a beautiful bouquet.

2. Split Complementary

This method takes color from one side of the wheel and two colors placed next to its opposite. The flower color combinations for the bouquet can work well by matching red with blue-green and yellow-green or yellow with red-violet and blue-violet.

3. Analogous

This mixes three colors that are placed next to each other on the color wheel. The cohesive color palettes of red, red-violet, and violet bring stunning flower color combinations to any floral arrangement.  

4. Monochromatic

The use of a single color and its different tones and shades form the whole composition of an arrangement. The multiple blue flower color combinations of hydrangea, irises, orchids, muscari, and delphinium or the soft orange mix of dahlia highlight the shapes and textures of the blooms.

5. Triadic

This incorporates three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. The common flower color combinations for an arrangement include green, orange, and violet or red, blue, and yellow.

6. Pastels

The flower color combinations of soft pastel shades like peach, cream, blush, and pink create a feminine and romantic touch to any flower arrangement. Add some yellows, pale greens, or lavender to complete the design.


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The right choice of flower color combinations adds beauty and style to any bouquet for special celebrations. With the basic knowledge of how to use the color wheel, you can create multiple color mixes of blooms with varying shapes and textures that blend well together in any floral arrangement.

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