Top 5 Most Romantic Gifts for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

When you’re away from home to work or to study in another city or country, you would know just how tricky long-distance relationships can be. But being miles apart can’t stop you from letting them know that you’re thinking about them. Show your sweetheart some love by sending them thoughtful gifts to lighten the weight of being apart.

Romantic gifts don’t have to be grand or budget-breaking to send your best wishes. Simple tokens or homemade presents can go a long way. If you need inspiration for what to get your loved ones, then here are 5 ideas that you can try.


5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Long-distance Relationships

1. Custom Playlist: The Modern Day Mixtape


We are at a time when mixtapes are obsolete, yet music still carries itself as one of the most romantic gifts that anyone can give. Create a playlist for your loved one with the songs that remind you of your partner and the good times you had together. You can easily share this with them online on any music platform available and have your loved one listen to it to think of you with the start of the playlist being a recording of you dedicating the playlist to your partner. If music is one of your best talents, record a cover of their favorite song. This long-distance gift idea is perfect for all the music lovers miles apart longing to hear each other’s voices once again.

2. Short Homemade Video

Homemade Video

Nowadays, it doesn’t take a professional film crew to make a video. You can make your very own video dedicated to your loved one. However, this long-distance relationship gift should not be your typical vlog-style “I miss you” message video. Do something creative. You compile pictures and videos of your time spent together with your favorite song playing in the background. If you’re well-versed, recite them a love poem. And if you’re a sucker for making creative videos, you can make a stop-motion style video.

3. Thousand Paper Cranes

Paper Cranes

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This long-distance relationship gift idea is inspired by an old Japanese legend believing that if you fold a thousand paper cranes, your wish will come true. This romantic gift is very symbolic and thoughtful at the same time. To give someone a thousand paper cranes can signify you giving them a wish. It is a lovely gesture to a loved one who simply loves tokens with stories behind them. Even though there is no way to know if this legend is actually true, it is certainly a romantic gift that can warm anyone’s heart.

4. Custom Care Package

Custom Care Package

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Sending an already made gift basket doesn’t seem all too personal, which is why you have to custom make one. Include in the package things that hold something dear to both of you. For example, you could include the movie ticket from your first date, the very first picture you took together, the shirt you wear the most, or just about anything else that has a personal message to it. This romantic gift shows how much you know about each other and remind you of how fell in love.

5. Flowers


Flowers are such a classic romantic gift that it never really goes out of style. Roses have been the longest symbol of passionate love that can make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Flowers can immediately brighten anyone’s day, a romantic gift that will always help ease the long-distance blues.

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Whichever present you decide to give your partner while you’re away will surely remind them of the great relationship you both have fostered. Remember that these romantic gestures are meant to further strengthen your bond. So don’t worry if you think whatever you give won’t be good enough. No matter how simple it is, it’s the thought that counts. And really, just letting them know that you’re thinking of them through these gifts is what is most important. 

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