8 Interesting Valentine’s Day Superstitions

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and love. People typically give their loved ones flowers or chocolates during this special day of hearts. Even Venus, the Roman goddess of love, may want to receive beautiful bouquets from her many admirers on February 14. As Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday this year, expect heavy traffic as people buy blooms and special gifts or dine out in restaurants to celebrate this romantic day with their significant others.

While February 14 is an occasion of love, you may be interested in finding out about the fascinating Valentine’s Day superstitions associated with this special day. If you are superstitious and still believe that your Mr. or Ms. Right is just around the corner, you may want to follow some of these rituals so true love may find its way to you. Who knows you might get lucky this time in the name of love. Here are 8 interesting Valentine’s Day superstitions observed in several countries around the world.      

8 Fascinating Superstitions during Valentine’s Day


1. The colors of roses and their meanings

The rose is one of the most popular flowers to give a loved one because of its fragrance, variety, and diverse colors. No matter if it’s a single rose or an elegant flower arrangement, roses can bring genuine happiness to the receiver. If someone presents you with Valentine’s Day roses, take note of the blooms’ colors. The shade of each rose has a different meaning and can express the real feeling of the giver. There are Valentine’s Day superstitions when it comes to the color of roses you are given on this romantic occasion such as:

  • Red roses represent eternal love and passion
  • Pink roses mean appreciation, sweetness, and elegance
  • Orange roses symbolize desire, enthusiasm, and energy
  • Yellow roses reflect friendship and happiness
  • Lavender roses mean enchantment, wonder, and love at first sight
  • White roses express purity, innocence, and young love 
  • Peach roses convey gratitude and sincerity

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2. The apple of one’s eye

Valentine’s Day superstitions involve the delicious and healthy apple which is believed to predict someone’s romantic future. Hold the stem of an apple and recite the names of five or six possible spouses while you twist the stem of an apple. The name you say when the stem snaps is the person you are going to marry.

An apple is said to foretell how many children you will have in the future. Just cut the fruit in half and count the number of seeds found inside. This will signify the number of your kids in the coming years.    

3. This mysterious card comes from your secret admirer

Do you wish your secret love also has a crush on you? One of Valentine’s Day superstitions is about receiving a card from a mysterious admirer. The Victorians used to consider it bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card with your name on it. They would sign their love letters ‘XOXO’. Another alternative is ‘from your secret admirer’.

If you believe in Valentine’s Day superstitions, try this one. If you happen to receive an unsigned card and hope it came from your crush, write the person’s name and yours on a slip of paper. Place it under your pillow and recite this poem before going to sleep: “If he who sent this Valentine is named above with mine; I pray, good saint, that by this line, I may his name divine.”

4. Love at the break of dawn

Among the Valentine’s Day superstitions is to wake up before sunrise on Valentine’s Day. Stand patiently by the window and the first man to pass by might be your future husband or will look like him. If you live in a place where a good suitor may not walk near the house, try counting the number of animals you will see at dawn. It is supposed to tell how many years it will take until you get married.  

5. Sealed with the lucky kiss

How a person wakes up on this romantic day is supposed to determine luck in love. A kiss that will wake you on Valentine’s Day is considered to bring good luck for the entire year.

6. Get lucky in love with a four-leaf clover

Finding true love from a four-leaf clover is one of the interesting Valentine’s Day superstitions. A four-leaf clover symbolizes good luck. In the past, single ladies who would find a four-leaf clover in their shoe on Valentine’s Day morning hoped they would find their true love that day. The leaf would lead them to meet their soulmate or a man with the same name.

7. Find ‘The One’ in your dream

Valentine’s Day superstitions include eating herbs and eggs to dream of the person you will marry. Legends had it that a girl would dream of the man she would marry if she would place a sprig of rosemary under her pillow. Another alternative is putting five bay leaves with one pin at each corner and the fifth leaf in the middle of the pillow.

Want to know more about Valentine’s Day superstitions where you could dream about the person you are destined to be with forever? Try eating an egg on Valentine’s Day Eve. In the 18th century, it was believed that you would marry whoever you dreamt of that night after eating an egg. To do this, a person had to boil the egg, take out the yolk, put salt inside the hole, and eat the egg including the shell. Then remain quiet until morning. 

 8. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

The popular saying “wear your heart on your sleeve” means openly expressing your feelings rather than hiding them. Even this adage is closely related to one of the most fascinating Valentine’s Day superstitions in the world. A ritual that dates back to the Middle Ages was writing down the names of single women on a piece of paper and dropping them into a hat or bowl for a romantic raffle. Every eligible bachelor would pick out a name and take the lady to be his valentine. He would wear the name of the lady on his sleeve for a week hence the famous saying. Many couples ended up together after seven days of intimacy.


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Valentine’s Day is a special occasion of love and romance. February 14 remains one of the most popular days worldwide whether you have someone to share with this romantic day or are still looking for that elusive true love. In the past, people observed some rituals associated with finding true love. There are many Valentine’s Day superstitions that even foods, plants, and flowers are used in the hope of finally finding that special someone. Some Valentine’s Day superstitions may be peculiar but these only emphasize the belief that true love comes to those who wait patiently even in the break of dawn.


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