Interesting Flower Superstitions that Will Shock You

Flowers convey emotions. For centuries, they have been used around the world to help people express thoughts and communicate their feelings. As unique and symbolic as they are, there are also flower superstitions that further add meaning to flower giving.

There are cultural beliefs and practices that may change the thought of giving flowers. To help you know more, listed in this article are the interesting flower superstitions that may surprise you.


8 Flower Superstitions that May Surprise You


1. Flowers and Numerology 

Some people from different cultures believe that flowers and numerology go together. A bouquet with even numbers is associated with death and is ideal to commemorate the dead. However, even-numbered bouquets should not be used at weddings.


2. Flowers Drive Away Bad Energy

Flower superstitions tell that marigolds and anemones offer protection against witchcraft and bad luck. If you want to stay away from bad energy, these flowers are a good choice. But that’s not all, marigolds also have aphrodisiac properties which also make them ideal additions to wedding bouquets. 


3. Roses for Good Luck

Roses are a popular choice for romantic bouquets as it is often associated with love. But you will love it more as flower superstitions tell that roses are also powerful flowers that can attract good luck. One way to do that is by throwing rose leaves into a fire. It is also believed that planting a roses bush next to the grave of a loved one will protect the soul from evil spirits. 


In the 17th century, roses were given very high regard that they were used as a legal tender.


4. Blooms for a Bountiful Harvest 

Farmers give special attention to poppies. While they are a popular flower around the world due to their vibrant color and medicinal properties., flower superstitions also tell that they can bring good crops and help people forget their worries. However, there is a precaution too if you’ll be giving out a bouquet of poppies. Make sure that it will include 13 stems, no more no less, to ensure that it will bring good luck to the recipient and not the other way around.


5. Baby Gender

Would you like to take control of what your baby’s gender is going to be? Flower superstitions tell that a pregnant woman who eats tubers of orchids will have a baby girl. On the other hand, if the husband eats the orchid’s tubers, the couple will welcome a baby boy.


6. Good Relationships

Flowers can foster good relationships. However, in the 19th century, a flower dictionary was often used as a reference since the wrong choice of flower could impact relationships and may even ruin reputations.


7. Performers’ Bouquet

When planning to give out a bouquet to a performer, actor, or even athlete, it’s best to save it for last. Flower superstitions suggest that gifting performers a flower bouquet before a performance is considered bad luck. But not to worry, you can still give a congratulatory flower arrangement after the performance is finished.


8. Future Forecast

Flowers, particularly dandelions, have also been used to forecast the future. In mystical traditions, these flowers have been associated with looking into the future. Making tea out of dandelion roots has been believed to enhance divination and prophetic dreaming abilities. Some flower superstitions associated with dandelion petals include predicting how many children you will have or how many years you’ll have to wait before you get married.


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Flower superstitions vary from culture to culture. These superstitions may be real or not but what’s definite is the effect that flowers have on people especially when they’re given thoughtfully and wholeheartedly. 


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