Independence Day Flowers that Fit the Occasion

Independence Day in the Philippines is an annual event celebrated throughout the country. It is widely commemorated because of the high value for sovereignty that the Filipinos have. Aside from honoring Filipino heroes and hosting events to mark the occasion, independence day flowers are a normal part of this celebration.


Independence Day Flowers


As flowers are commonly used to convey messages and celebrate important events, they have been used as inaugural flowers, floral bouquets, table centerpieces, and other decorative pieces. But when it comes to independence day flowers, they have a symbolic meaning that is far more important than the beauty and charm they bring.

Independence day flowers are the most fitting symbols to honor heroes and those who fought for Philippine freedom. They can be used as offerings for the martyrs or to represent virtues that reflect the most patriotic spirits. 


Independence Day Flower Ideas


Represent the Philippine flag.

Blue, red, white, and yellow colors are used on the Philippine flag. Consider this when choosing a flower arrangement. You can mix those colors in one bouquet or stick with a solid color for your independence day flowers.


Look into the meaning of flowers.

Aside from being particular about the colors, your independence day flowers will hold greater significance if you will consider the meanings associated with certain flowers. 

  • Red flowers represent courage and passion and are perfect to honor the bravery of martyrs.
  • Blue flowers are symbols of justice which is one of the causes that our heroes have fought for.
  • White flowers signify purity and innocence and are perfect to represent peace after freedom has been achieved.
  • Yellow flowers are associated with joy and cheer. The perfect representations of a better tomorrow that we look forward to.


Consider how it will be used.

How do you plan to use the independence day flowers? Handheld flower arrangements are the right choice to honor a martyr or to send as a gift to a nationalistic person. Basket flower arrangements may be used as a table centerpiece if you are planning to host a celebration on this momentous day. On the other hand, if you are looking for independence day flowers that can be displayed in a related event or ceremony, standing flower arrangements would be your most suitable option.


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Independence Day is celebrated in many ways. It is a national holiday that honors the people who are responsible for the freedom that we enjoy to this day. As flowers are normally a part of important occasions in our lives, you may also celebrate this event with a meaningfully-arranged bouquet.


Want to make your Independence Day flowers more special? Send us a message. Our expert florists can come up with a flower arrangement based on your preferences.



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