How to Initiate Reconciliation after a Breakup

Ending a once beautiful relationship can be difficult and painful, especially if a couple has been together for a long time. It takes a lot of love, effort, and patience, among other things, to build a strong relationship. The romantic connection falls apart somewhere along the way. However, some couples have broken up and later realized they still have feelings with their former partner. They want to get back together and rekindle their love for each other. Is there a successful reconciliation after a breakup?


A study revealed that 14.94% of participants have gotten back with their past love and stayed together after almost a year of being apart. 78% of participants said they were happy after reconciling with their previous romantic partner. Maybe you are currently considering to give your relationship another shot. Think carefully about how to make it work this time as you start reconciliation after a breakup. Here are 6 ideas on reuniting with a past love as part of your breakup reconciliation process.


6 Tips on How to Begin Breakup Reconciliation


1. Forgive each other sincerely.

One of the first steps to initiate reconciliation after a breakup is to look at the previous relationship and identify what went wrong. Hurtful words and actions may have played a part in the misunderstanding, which led to the painful separation. Apologize and forgive each other for the past mistakes. Only when you sincerely do this can you be able to take essential steps toward the new relationship.   


2. Show how much you care.

Maybe one or both of you fell short in showing how much you care for one another. As part of your reconciliation after a breakup, make an effort now to show that you still care for each other. You can send a message asking how’s their day, volunteer to help the person with some tasks, or accompany each other in grocery shopping. Just being there all the time conveys a message of care.    


3. Establish better communication.

Miscommunication can be one of the reasons for the breakup. To prevent this from happening again, work harder to establish better communication. Reconciliation after a breakup is sometimes awkward since you may have a heated argument that led to the separation. Avoid rift. Initiate light conversations first to rebuild the bond and trust you once had for each other. Take it slowly until you find yourselves at ease talking about the past relationship.     


4. Make an impressive gesture.

If you are into surprises, there are impressive gestures on how to begin reconciliation after a breakup. Say ‘I love you’ via a flash mob in the street, in the park, or inside a restaurant while on a date. Serenade her while riding a gondola together. You can choose to give an elegant flower arrangement of her favorite blooms while reading a heartfelt love letter. A study showed that flowers can make intimate connections. This can help as the former couple rekindles a broken relationship. Another finding revealed that participants smiled after receiving flowers, creating an immediate effect on happiness.


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5. Recognize past hurts.

Reconciliation after a breakup must include a recognition of the past hurts. This is essential so it won’t happen again in the new relationship. Past hurts are sometimes ignored for the sake of moving on. However, this can resurface which can damage the relationship if not properly acknowledged and settled.  


6. Spend time to connect.

Spending quality time together is essential in any relationship, but it is even more so as you start reconciliation after a breakup. It takes a lot of effort to create time to connect, and it is not just the amount of time but the quality. It can affect satisfaction in the relationship, which is crucial after getting back together. Try a new hobby you will both enjoy. Go for a leisure walk. Travel together. These are just some ideas that will help you spend time rebuilding the relationship.


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Reconciliation after a breakup is possible for some couples who want to rekindle their past relationship after saying goodbye to each other. Getting back together takes a team effort from both parties because there are things that do not pick up well immediately where they left off. Past mistakes have hurt and drifted them apart. Couples who decide to keep the relationship going must commit to making it work this time. Assess what went wrong in the previous relationship and change for the better to avoid making the same mistakes again.


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