62 Christmas Party Themes for an Unforgettable Holiday Experience

Cliche as it may sound, Christmas is truly just around the corner! You can already hear the Christmas carols play here and there and holiday decors are starting to fill the walls. But apart from those, there’s another thing many people look forward to – a Christmas party! It has become an annual tradition that the holiday feels incomplete without it. 

If you’re planning on throwing the greatest holiday bash yet, you should know by now what boxes to tick in preparation for the event. Aside from the gifts and menu, one way to pump up the celebrations is through a well-planned Christmas party theme! Whether it be at home, in the office or a night out with friends, this list of different holiday party themes is your friend for a merry, memorable experience.


62 Christmas Party Themes to Jazz Up the Holidays

Merry Wear-It Christmas 

1. Christmas Pajama Party

Christmas Pajama Party

Image source: The Pajama Company

In this theme, you need not worry about heels and gowns. You just have to slip on your favorite pajamas and off you go to a merry cozy Christmas next to a warm fire! You can even match up with your besties! With a Christmas Pajama Party, it’s hard to make up an excuse not to attend when the dress code is as casual as this. So invite everyone and bond over a simple activity. Think of wine night, sharing or a movie marathon.  

2. Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly Sweater Party

Image source: Fotolia

Who cares about the glitz and glam when you can simply throw an ugly sweater party? Probably one of the most popular themes, this simple yet hilarious party idea doesn’t disappoint. Isn’t it exciting to see everyone looking at their worst on a holiday? Embrace the ugliness this Christmas and find the most horrible Christmas sweater. You’ll never know, you might even put to good use those hideous sweaters you’ve been locking in the deepest spots in your closet. 

3. Unfinished Christmas Outfit Party

If the ugly sweater party is about finding the worst outfit, this theme is all about arriving at the party with an unfinished look. You probably know how it feels to cram your glam preparations. It’s something like that, although this one is intentional. For example, you can be over-the-top with the lower body attire, wearing leather Santa boots with fur trimmings and a deep velvet skirt full of glitters. Then top it up with an oversized shirt, added with a ‘just woke up’ look. Or you can do it the other way around! Wear a full glam make-up and a Santa coat, then pair it up with a ripped pajama. The list goes on, really. You just have to let your creativity do its job and summon the laziness in you (if you still have to).    

4. I’m a Giant Christmas Decor 

Giant Christmas Decor Christmas Party Themes

Image Source: Discount Party Supplies

Can things be more Christmas-centric than this? Walk around wearing an ornament bobblehead or wrap your body in tinsel! If you want, you can even be the Christmas tree itself! The idea is that everyone should look like holiday decorative pieces just waiting to be pinned on walls or on trees. You don’t even have to announce that you’re throwing a Christmas party, just one look at your costume and the message already gets across.  

5. Let it Rein-Deer

Rein-Deer Christmas Party Themes

Image Source: eBay

If you think ornaments are a bit over-the-top, then you can opt for a low-key version yet still embodies the spirit of the season. Be Santa’s reindeer for a day and deliver happiness all around. You can check out stores for ready-made costumes, whether it be a fluffy onesie or a cutesy little dress. Just don’t forget to wear the iconic elkhorn as a headdress. With this theme, you’ll probably go: it’s raining reindeer this season!   

6. Shady Season

Shady Season Christmas Party Themes

Image Source: Pinterest

It might be winter season but you can still act as if the blinding light of the sun is becoming intolerable for the sight. Instead of masquerades, give your eyes something new to wear. Shades or sunglasses quite make the cut, don’t they? Let your personality show by designing your own holiday eyewear for a festive season (or more like see-son).


Holiday Food for Good Mood

7. Christmas Potluck Party

Christmas Potluck Party

Image Source: SignUpGenius 

When it comes to food preparation, you’ll never go wrong with a traditional potluck party. With everyone bringing in their share for food, you not only get to save money but you also free yourself from the stress and hassle of having to prepare everything. You can either assign a specific dish to a person or have an element of surprise and give them the liberty to bring whatever they like. 

8. Healthy Holiday Treat

Healthy Holiday Treat

Image Source: Abbey’s Kitchen 

It might be a season of pigging out but if you choose to take the path less traveled, then healthy delights are a good way to go. Ditch the fats and sweets and fill the table with green leafy vegetables, salads, fruits, and nutritional soups. Not a lot of people might like the idea but it’s definitely a way to jumpstart that healthy diet you’ve been trying to have since the beginning of the year. To tell you what, it’s not too late to start and you might have just found a way to reinforce this New Year’s Resolution.  You can even dress up as fruits and vegetables as if it’s nutrition month all over again. 

9. 12 Days of Chip Dip

12 Days of Chip Dip

Image Source: Pillsbury

Want to fire up the party with some scrumptious appetizers? Sprinkle a casual spin into the traditional potluck by having your guests bring their favorite chip dip! If you’re the type to look out for your diet, opt for low-calorie recipes instead.   

10. Merry Sea-Foods

Merry Sea-Foods

Image Source: Saveur

Want to surprise your guest with an unexpected party theme? The answer is right here – a Christmas dinner with overfull seafood! Let the guests dive in the luscious seafood delights and you’ll surely leave them with a holiday to remember. There’s no way baked scallops with butter or an oyster cheese platter won’t make someone crave. However, you need to watch out for allergens. To be safe, always have the antihistamine ready. 

11. Drowning in Dessert

Can’t quite decide between a cookie, candy, cake or cupcake? Just serve them all together in a sweet treat buffet! No one frowns at a table brimming with desserts unless the person has some health issues regarding sugar. 


Holiday Cheers

12. Bonding Over Booze 

Bonding Over Booze

Image Source: Sun Mountain Lodge

The clinking bottles don’t only give cheerful sounds to the ears, they can also send pleasure down your throat once you take a gulp of hard liquor. For this type of theme, it might be better to have the party in a local bar so you won’t have to worry about the aftermath of drunken nights. To get a glimpse of your buddies’ taste when it comes to alcohol, you can propose a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) rule.

13. Christmas Cocktail Party

Get yourselves drowning in fun with a cocktail hour party that is sure to bring this year’s Christmas celebration on fire! Just head to your favorite bar or pour a mixology party in your own home or office! There are a myriad of Christmas cocktail recipes that you might want to try, including Eggnog, Dirty Snowman, White Christmas Martini, Cranberry Mimosa. You can also opt for a non-alcoholic holiday drink fit for the kids or underaged. To add a merry excitement, ask everyone to pitch in their signature drink so have someone play the bartender’s role for the night! 

14. Wine and Cheese Christmas Party

Wine and Cheese Christmas Party

Image Source: The Dietitian’s Digest

Yes, you like wild fun and dirty dancing, but elegance is still your middle name. If you think the first sentence pertains to you, then a wine and cheese Christmas party is your best bet! Have a festive night oozing with class and have some white and red wine lead the celebration. You can also serve some salty additives (olives, nuts, salamani) or a hint of sweet flavors (honey, jams, fresh fruits, raisins). 

15. Tea-mas Party

Tea-mas Party

Image Source: Shelterness

So the previous items were a ‘lil bit wild for the little ones and you want something they’d willingly come along. Why not set-up a tea party playdate with the kids? You can also invite other moms since the holiday season especially loves the idea of ‘the more, the merrier’. A few finger foods will also be a great addition to the party.


Late-Season Celebration

16. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Image Source: Insider

Whoever says Halloween should end in November? You can extend the celebration until Christmas and throw a party inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, ribbons and tinsel are fun and all but a classic cult brings the thrill to the table. Give your holiday bash a breath of fresh, spooky air with skeletons wearing Santa hats, miniature skulls as Christmas tree embellishments, and balloons looking like Jack Skellington. Accentuate the ambiance with Halloween classic songs from Tim Burton’s films and wait for the goosebumps to come creeping to your skin. 

17. Holiday Heat Beach Party

Holiday Heat Beach Party

Image Source: Pinterest

You’re right. What are you going to do with a beach-themed party on a winter season where there is obviously no heat? But if you still haven’t figured it out, that’s where the fun is! If you’re familiar with the popular idea of ‘Christmas in July’, this is exactly what it’s all about, just reversed. During the full swing of summer heat, isn’t it that some people pretend it’s Christmas and decorate their trees, exchange gifts and gather for a holiday meal? Let’s turn the tables around and imagine you’re on a beach under the blazing heat of the sun. Don’t forget to decorate the place with beach balls, cocktail drinks, and turn up the sizzling summer songs. 


Colorful Christmas

18. White Christmas Theme

White Christmas Theme

Image Source: Pinterest

Some people may consider the color white as bland and boring but a white Christmas theme screams otherwise. Having a monotonous-themed party is never a bad idea if you have some heaven-like decorations as the holiday jingles play along. In fact, an all-white Christmas party gives a dreamy feeling that you’d even hear the people’s admiration for it through songs (in reference to Bring Crosby’s White Christmas), and stories. Set-up your milky Christmas tree and fix some neutral-colored tinsel and ornaments along the hallways. Then satisfy the stomach and serve meringue, white chocolate, vanilla ice cream, milk-frosted cupcakes, and snowflake cookies.      

19. Black and White Christmas Theme

Black and White Christmas Theme

Image Source: Design Improvised

So, you love a white, dreamy Christmas but a monotonous color isn’t your cup of tea. No problem! You can break the homogeneity by giving your theme a touch of black or dark tones. A black and white Christmas may not be registered as a common favorite among all the other schemes but with its uniqueness, it can become a holiday experience you won’t forget.    

20. Bright Holidays

A jolly season calls for some bright, popping colors after all. Have some poppin’ Christmas party theme filled with vibrant colors of hot pink, turquoise, mint green, unmellow yellow, etc. Brilliant idea, isn’t it? If you’re aiming for a more low-key fun yet sophisticated approach, you might want to try out a pastel-themed Christmas celebration.

21. Rainbow-Themed Holidays

Rainbow-Themed Holidays

Image Source: Cozy Little House

The traditional colors of Christmas, which are red and green, are undeniably an ideal choice. However, you’ve been there, done that and your Christmas party theme could really use a refresh. Break free from the usual and create a colorful Christmas bursting with the different colors of the rainbow! The full-degree variations may look chaotic at first but when put all together, you might say: ‘polychromatic has never looked this good.’ 

22. Merry Neon Lights

Merry Neon Lights

Image Source: DHgate

What’s a holiday celebration without some festive lights beaming the silent nights? Flash the fun to every corner of your home or office with a neon lights-themed Christmas party! The preparations might demand a substantial amount of effort, but all these will definitely pay off once you shut the lights out and create a jaw-dropping experience for everyone. You don’t even have to go the extra mile with other party elements, let the neon lights do the magic. Try it out! You’ll never know, this might be one of those themes you never thought you needed. And if you’d end up having regrets, that would probably be because you failed to think of it years back.


Child-Like Christmas

23. Magical Christmas

Who doesn’t love magic anyway? You don’t have to remain as a child in order for you to appreciate a magical stunt. All you need is to have that sense of wonder in you. Fill the place with red and black cloth added with balloons, fringes or dust of glitters. Spread the memo to dress up like a magician or wizard and let everyone bring a mystery box that can serve as mere props or even gifts. To fulfill the idea, you can also invite a professional magician to grace the show.

24. Cartoon Characters’ Christmas Party 

People may come across hundreds of movies and series throughout their lives; some characters they might love and others they’d end up forgetting. But regardless of the number, you’ll probably agree that no one forgets his or her favorite cartoon characters who brought color to their childhood. Take this year’s Christmas party as a chance to be the iconic cartoon character of your choice – whether you’re a Disney princess, mickey mouse, Mr. Bean, Winnie-the-pooh, power puff girls or a crossover of all your well-loved characters. 

25. Puppet Party

Kids especially love to witness a puppet show, but adults can also join in. Besides, if you’re the one organizing the celebration and you’re aiming for something that’s fun yet easy to execute, a puppet party is the key! Fixing your adorned tree with stuffed toys can do the trick. But you can also go on to making puppet versions of the snowman, Santa Claus, his reindeer, and the elves. People of all ages will surely enjoy the celebration. 

26. Circus-Themed Celebration

It’s hard to deny, you can’t say circus without having to think of merriment and festivities. Acrobats, clowns, entertaining performances, exhibitions, stunts, rides, games, all assemble to create a carnival and people can’t help but flock the place. Well, set-up your own mini-carnival and bring the circus spirit straight to your party! You will never run out of ideas since there are a plethora of things to do. 

27. Stories of the Season

As a child, you probably used to be fond of storybooks read to you by your parents right before you doze off to sleep. They are every kid’s friend, making them wander in an imaginative world that they can be part of. If you still haven’t lost that child-like wonder in you, then incorporate the stories of the season at your Christmas party! 

You can either bring the narratives to life through your venue designs or even in the main activity itself. Invite people to bring and share their favorite storybook as you gather around a fireplace. The good thing about this is it makes the perfect theme for all ages! Both the little ones and the oldies are sure to enjoy the moment. You can even show the spirit of giving by donating the books to a school or library afterward. 

28. Christmas Candyland

Add swirls of fun to your party inspired by the classic “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. It’s absolutely hard to say refuse the sweet treats’ temptations, especially when you’ve got an entire Christmas Candyland flashing right before your eyes. It’s never-ending tricks or treats for the kids and a blood sugar level control for the oldies. Pair up the menu with a funky dinner that includes sushi and finger food. You can also set-up a DIY station where people can make and design their own cupcakes and candies.


‘Tis Showtime Season 

29. Christmas Meets The Nutcracker Theme

Looking for a Christmas party theme that speaks volumes of sophistication? The Nutcracker sounds perfect! This classic ballet performance opens its plot on a snowy Christmas Eve and that should already explain what makes it fitting for the season. And since the piece follows the journey of a child’s magical dream, plenty of characters are introduced, which you can refer to for the dress code. But aside from the attire, you can also incorporate the Nutcracker theme in the labeling of your food – Snow Queen ice cream, Sugar Plum Cupcakes, Dew Drop punch, Mouse King cake, etc. 

30. The Game of Thrones Theme

Fans of The Game of Thrones will undoubtedly go squealing upon hearing this holiday party theme. This is when one can say: Winter is indeed coming, and it brought Christmas along with it. Feel free to dress up as your favorite GoT character and set-up the nine Great Houses in Westeros. No need for some fancy decorations if you lack the resources, just the iconic flag for each house and add pieces of Jon Snow-flakes (if you know what the pun means).     

31. Merry Movie Marathon

Do you hear the jingle bells ringing? They’re probably coming from your television, waiting for a holiday movie night to come about. The good thing about this theme is that it will most likely fit for everyone because after all, who doesn’t even watch a movie? Besides, the idea of having to chill while a Christmas flick is playing on Netflix is in itself enticing. 

So start prepping’ your living room, rent a proNever start the movie marathon without the snacks! Popcorn, chips, pizza, and candy bars must not go missing on the table. If you think someone’s going to doze off in the middle of the party, introduce a fun game for your couch buddies. For example, every time Santa Claus appears on the screen, everyone has to stand up. The last one to do so will have to take a shot.


Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays

32. Santa’s Hoedown

If a country-themed party doesn’t sound enticing enough, then try pairing up Santa hats with cowgirl boots. Doesn’t it add a unique twist to the usual holiday attire? Highlight the party space design with bales of hay, wagon wheels, and bull figurines. You might also want to include the country Christmas classics to your list and unleash the line dancing skills in everyone. 

33. Letters to Santa

Sometimes, Christmas parties don’t really need extravagant twists and stunts. A simple Letters to Santa theme can take the celebration to a warm and sincere event that opens up hopeful doors for everyone. Invite kids over and put up a letter station where they can write their message to Santa, including their wishes. It’s a great way to encourage children to embody good values for their wish to come true.


Fun Holiday Outdoors 

34. Christmas Camping 

The cold breeze at night doesn’t sound bad at all when you have a bonfire hugging you with warmth as you appreciate the bright stars up in the sky. Bring out the adventurer in you and spend the night in the woods with family and friends! This type of Christmas celebration definitely calls for a grilled and delight like barbeque, roasted chicken, baked potato bar, s’mores and many more! Don’t forget to bring blankets, scarves, thick fur, and even musical instruments to embrace the true spirit of camping.  

35. Christmas Picnic Party

Christmas Picnic Party

Image Source: Party Delights Blog

Yes, a camp night is fun but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Christmas party outdoors in broad daylight! In fact, a picnic might just be everything you need to amp up the holidays! Unleash your backpacking skills, store all the food needed and off you go to a beautiful park with relaxing sceneries and landscapes. If you’re still having second thoughts about this theme, here’s one thing that might change your mind: nothing beats the aesthetics that the natural light can bring in your photos. So if you’re planning on a Christmas photoshoot, better yet do it on the picnic party itself! 

36. Skating Party 

A Christmas party need not be in a grand venue for it to be enjoyable. You can find a simple place, such as a nearby skating rink, where you and your family can happily glide on the icy floor. Talk about an unforgettable bonding experience without having to spend a wad of cash. 

37. Ladies’ Night Out

During the holidays, you’d usually expect to reunite with almost everyone in the family and all your long-time friends that you haven’t seen in months. If you’re a lady, you’d definitely understand how necessary it is to catch up with your girlfriends who owe you life and love updates. And you’d probably agree that a few minutes won’t suffice for this much-needed quality time with the ladies, you need the entire night of endless chat, chill, and giggles. If that’s the case, consider your Christmas party theme settled. Ladies’ night out, it is!


Games and Music 

38. The Christmas Amazing Race

Want to throw a Christmas party with a ‘lil bit of team-building exercise? Then go for the Amazing Race holiday celebration! This theme is perfect to have in the office where employees can do a scavenger hunt or face some “roadblock” challenges to test who knows the company best. There can be a human timer for every obstacle and the group who gets to finish the tasks first will win a prize. On the other hand, the losing team will suffer the consequences of eating something disgusting or the typical truth or dare challenge. After the game, allow everyone to indulge in a mighty feast with free-flowing drinks. This is a great way to celebrate Christmas at work! 

39. Christmas Murder Mystery Party

You might be thinking: it’s a joyous season yet solving a dreadful case is the theme? If you look too closely, the fun and thrill hold so much power! After all, the Christmas party is all about enjoying the moment. Murder mystery games are ideal to be played in teams; usually 8-15 people for smaller groups but it can also go up to 40 plus members for larger events. Each member is given their character at the beginning and he or she must play the role throughout the event. The goal is to figure out who the murderer is based on their actions. 

40. Christmas Trivia Night

Crave, not only for food this season but also for knowledge with some interesting holiday trivia! Make it a quiz night packed with delightful learning and find out who stays in the know for Christmas. You can create teams and answer how the Christmas tree originated or ask the members to enumerate all of Santa’s reindeer. 

41. Christmas in Vegas

Is luck on your side this season? Nobody knows for sure but you can test it out in a Las Vegas themed celebration! Organize various stations where the attendees can play card games, domino, bingo, darts, poker, roulette wheel, craps, blackjack, etc. If you happen to have records of bad spending habits, then steer away from betting actual cash. Instead, make it a rule to have candies, baked goods, and mini-gift items as currency or prizes. The fun is still there, except that the fund is kept safe. After all, you don’t want to end up penniless on a merry season. 

42. Santa’s Got Talent

Talents aren’t meant to be locked in the dungeon, show off what you’ve got this Christmas! Organize a talent show where everyone gets to prepare a presentation, be it in groups or individually! Not only will you have endless entertainment, but you might also discover the ‘hidden’ talents of your friends and family. 

43. Christmas Carol-Oke Night

Christmas Carol-Oke Night

Image Source: Studio Evolution

Unsolicited carolers might be a no-no for you. But here’s absolutely one thing you can’t refuse – a Carol-Oke Night! It’s okay if you can’t hit the note, karaoke is always a hit in gatherings anyway. So bring in your vocal cords and channel your inner Mariah Carey! Remember: it doesn’t matter if you are not gifted with a siren voice, as long as you are overflowing with confidence! This theme is a prime option for people who lack the time for extreme preparations. You can simply rent a room in a karaoke bar or set-up in the comfort of your own house. 

44. Holiday K-POP Party

Not everyone might love K-Pop but many will agree that the so-called Korean wave is taking Asia and the Western countries by storm. If you and your friends have found your way to the fandom, then a K-Pop Christmas party is underway! You know the drill: for the outfit, the peg is the Korean idol himself or herself. You won’t have a hard time choosing if you already stan a specific group and have eyes fixed on only one bias (unless a bias-wrecker isn’t helping). The real struggle lies in picking the best era to replicate! If you can’t quite decide, just mix and match everything. The important thing is you can sing and dance your heart out to all your favorite songs and the party will never run out of entertainment. 

However, if you’re not a fan and was rather left with no choice by consensus, don’t worry! It’s pretty easy to jive to the beat of K-Pop.


Give Love and Laugh

45. White Elephant Party

White Elephant Party

Image Source: TechnikaTune

Of course, who would forget the classic holiday game White Elephant? This is pretty similar to Secret Santa gift exchange but with a comical spin. It has varying rule set but here is how it usually goes: everyone is required to bring an anonymous present that will be placed in a common pool. The players will draw numbers, which will determine the order. The first one gets to choose a gift and he or she should open it in front of everyone. The next player will have to decide whether to take a gift from the pool or steal the previous guest’s gift. You’re lucky if you get to bring home a gift you’ve been eyeing for, otherwise, just blame it on the person who stole your present. It was never a lie when people say a white elephant Christmas party couldn’t get more competitive.    

46. Worst Gift Party

Regular exchange gifts can indeed bring a smile to the faces but have you tried going for hilarious laughs instead? Add a unique spin to a supposed to be a regular present swap by preparing the weirdest and worst gift you feel like anyone can receive. You may not be able to take home a luxurious and well-loved item but the shared waves of laughter are by all means memories to treasure. 

47. My Favorite Things

Contrary to the previous number, this Christmas party theme is all about giving your most cherished items (normally three pieces). This way, you’ll not only get to receive a gift but you also learn something valuable about your friends’ likes and interests. You can also do a pollyanna swap where each person can decide whether to open or swap the item. 

48. Ornament Exchange Party

What better way to throw an ornament swap party where everyone gets to take home something useful for the season? In this theme, you are given the liberty to customize the ornaments. You don’t have to be a professional crafts-maker, you just have to add personality to your designs. Get the chance to catch up with your friends over a few appetizers and a glass of wine as you catch up with your friends. 

49. Cookie Swap Party

Take your event theme to the next level and exchange cookies with your neighbors, instead of gifts. You can either go for traditional spritz cookies or explore new cookie recipes. They are relatively cheap yet sentimental stuff to give and receive since you get to bake the cookies yourself. Let the seasonal shapes inspire you! You have Christmas trees, stockings, Santa Claus, snowflakes and candy canes.

 This swap party not only gives you the chance to exhibit your creativity but it also provides room for customization of designs, making them more personal and closer to heart. 


Did You Know? The term spritz cookies were derived from the German word spritzen, which means “to squirt”. It’s a clear description of what happens to the dough since it is usually pushed through a cookie press. 


Christmas Artsy 

50. Gingerbread House Party 

Make it a Christmas to remember with a gingerbread house party! In order to add more fun, let your creative juices play the game of the holidays with a friendly gingerbread house decorating contest. This artsy activity will find favor for people across different age groups – be it a child, teen, or adults. Hosting this type of party requires you to pre-bake a few sugar or cookies and buy bowls of colorful sprinkles and tubes of frosting. Place them on a counter accessible for everyone. Towards the end of the event, crown the “Most Creative”, “Best Sugar Curating”, “Overall Best Gingerbread House”.  

51. Paint Party 

If painting on canvas is your cup of tea, then go with it! If not, wouldn’t it be more fun to try it for this year’s Christmas party? Gather your friends, professional artist or not, and let your right brain do some magic with a brush in one hand and beer on the other. Wrap up the holiday with an art masterpiece to serve as a remembrance far more unique than your holiday photos. 

52. Festive Floral Celebration

Festive Floral Celebration

Image Source: Decoratorist

It’s a feisty floral celebration with blooms filling every corner of your Christmas party! Decorations are none of your problems if you have flowers on your garden ready for picking. Otherwise, you can also buy from your favorite florist since flowers that are in season are pretty cheap. Choose flowers that are vibrant in colors and you’re sure to bring on the fun, visual fascination, and fragrance all in one party! 

53. Leaf and Love This Christmas

The scent of peppermint is quite hard to resist, isn’t it? Make it a merry scented Christmas with a punch of rich greenery, giving the party a grand mistletoe appeal. It’s pretty simple but the leaves will do wonder to your decor. This theme is an ideal match for a laid-back celebration aimed for solemn gathering, long talks and heartfelt sharing.


Classic Christmas

54. Holiday Masquerade Ball

When mystery meets elegance, a Christmas masquerade ball is brought to life. The idea may sound grand and intimidating, but it is actually one of the easiest paths to take, outfit-wise. The mask itself, when designed and crafted well, can already speak volumes of festivity. What you need is just a colored card, string, art pens and a pinch of glitters. 

If the dancing part turns you off, you shouldn’t be ashamed, really. Your face is covered by a mask after all! You can even pretend to be someone else for the entire night. If you’re hosting the party, let your guests indulge in funky cocktails and finger foods. As long as the music keeps jazzing up all night, a fun party isn’t at all far-fetched. 

55. Royal Christmas

Christmas may be a fun and jolly season, but that doesn’t mean elegance should be out of the equation. In fact, you can host a royal-themed Christmas party oozing with class and sophistication. Prepare your chandeliers, wine glass, velvet table sheets with accents of deep red and gold, and turn up the recorded opera music. Add a punch of red flowers and fruits to better accentuate your centerpieces and decorations. If you want to celebrate a palace-like Christmas in its entirety, ask your guests to go the extra mile and dress up accordingly.

56. Let’s Go Retro!

Revisit the past with a retro-themed Christmas party! Set the scene with an aluminum Christmas tree, vintage ornaments, and blast up the classic tunes from Rock and Roll to Jazz. Of course, the decorations alone can’t amp up the party by themselves; you also have to look the part. For women, clad yourself in a flowy or fitted dress with patterns of polka dots or stripes, give your hair some curls, and wear that bright red lipstick you’ve been keeping in your box. Meanwhile, the secret to achieving a big throwback attire for men is in the layering. A patterned suit can do the trick, or you can also opt for a turtleneck with a long overcoat.



57. Winter Wonderland 

Much like a white Christmas theme, the Winter Wonderland is a great way to celebrate the joy of a cold season. As compared to the former, this one requires more depth and should create an illusion of a snowy, icy effect. Good lighting can do the trick. Surround the party place with glass-like props with hues of blue and turn the dim lights on. Then scatter pieces of snowballs on the floor and frosty flakes on the walls. You can either serve some ice-cold cocktails or sprinkle contrast with hot chocolate and soups. 

58. Woodland Christmas Party 

Dreaming of spending the holidays in a cabin where you can savor your evening tea by a roaring fireside? Well, a rustic Christmas is within reach with a woodland party! Anything wood-finished makes a fitting decoration! Top it up with furry rugs, blankets, wooden serving dishes, and traditional chalet accouterments. Then wear layers of sweaters and pretend as if you’ve just gotten off the slopes. 

59. Pet Holiday Bash

The word adorable might be an understatement if you see your furry friends dressed up in Christmas costumes completed with Santa hats and boots. The jingle bells are nothing compared to the barking of your pooch as he or she plays with other pets. Have your other pet-parent friends come over for a jolly holiday paw-rty. 

60. Photo Booth Party

For almost every event, photo ops are never neglected. If you’re the type who finds pleasure in posing for the camera, then you should let it be your holiday theme this year! Throw a photo booth party where everyone gets to bring their own frames and props. Don’t forget to be camera-ready at all times! In this theme, every moment is worth capturing!

61. Christmas Around the World

Almost every country around the globe celebrates a festival during December, although the names and associations vary. Travel the world (even just indirectly) and experience their way of celebrating Christmas by bringing various cultures in your home or office! This will certainly be exciting if you have friends or workmates from different races. Otherwise, it will still be enjoyable, especially for people who have grown interest in other cultures. Get everyone to dress in national or traditional costumes and have them bring traditional food across the globe.    

62. Intergalactic Party

If the idea of Christmas Round The Globe won’t quite fit, then maybe an intergalactic party is the answer! Have an out of this world celebration and pretend to be creatures from different planets. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with the party design and costumes, this is the only time you’d want aliens to invade your place. You can find inspiration from movies that have ventured the extraterrestrial settings, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Valerian, and the like. 


Every Christmas party is the perfect time for people to reunite. What better way to end the year than to celebrate with the people close to your heart? Grab this chance to create lasting memories that you can all cherish for the next years to come. The party theme is only one of the things that can level-up everyone’s holiday experience. But as long as you celebrate the season with pure happiness, you already give yourself and the other people the greatest gift there is. After all, it’s a time to radiate and spread joyful spirits all around! 

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