How to Arrange Different Types of Funeral Flowers for a Wake

Arranging funeral flowers for a wake is a delicate art that combines respect, sentimentality, and aesthetic grace. Each flower holds a symbolic significance, offering a means to convey emotions and pay tribute to the departed. From lilies to roses, each carries its meaning to honor the departed and console the grieving with your funeral flower arrangements.


Understanding the language of flowers is paramount when arranging funeral blooms. Whether you opt for traditional choices like carnations or prefer more unconventional selections such as sunflowers, each blossom carries a message. It is important to take time to know how to arrange funeral flowers properly. 


This guide will explore the diverse array of funeral flower arrangements, showing you how to create a meaningful floral arrangement that honors the life of your loved one and provides solace to those in mourning.

5 Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements for a Wake

1. Sympathy Flowers 

Smaller floral arrangements expressing your condolences to the bereaved. They can be placed on tables or pedestals around the room. Sympathy bouquets often include a mix of flowers chosen for their soothing colors and fragrances, such as white lilies, roses, and orchids. 


Flower Patch offers a selection of well-crafted sympathy vases and sympathy baskets made by our florists to help show your support to the family of a dearly departed.

2. Casket Sprays 

These are large floral arrangements placed on top of the casket which have ribbons or banners. They are often composed of roses, lilies, carnations, or other favorite flowers of the deceased. Casket sprays can be designed as half-couch (covering only half of the casket) or full-couch (covering the entire casket).


3. Standing Sprays 

They are tall, elegant arrangements displayed on easels near the casket. Each can be shaped like hearts, crosses, or other meaningful symbols. Standing sprays typically include a mix of flowers such as roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums. They can be arranged in entrances or halls for attendees to see.


Flower Patch offers a wide range of standing sprays for a fitting tribute to the departed composed of fresh-cut flowers. 

4. Wreaths 

Most funeral wreaths are circular floral arrangements symbolizing eternal life. They can be displayed on a stand or placed directly on the casket. Wreaths often feature a mix of flowers and greenery, and they can be personalized with ribbons or banners.


Flower Patch also offers different flower arrangements for wreaths including cross and heart-shaped ones.

5. Personalized Tributes 

Consider incorporating personalized touches into the floral arrangements, such as incorporating the deceased’s favorite flowers or colors, or arranging flowers in shapes or designs that hold special meaning to them.


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When it comes to funeral flower arrangements, every petal tells a story of love, remembrance, and honor. From the tender sympathy flowers adorning tables to the grandeur of casket sprays resting atop, each bloom carries the weight of cherished memories and heartfelt farewells. Standing sprays, like solemn sentinels standing tall near the casket. Wreaths, circular emblems of eternal love, grace the space with their timeless beauty, while personalized tributes weave threads of individuality into the tapestry of collective mourning.


You can work closely with Flower Patch florists experienced in creating funeral flower arrangements. They can guide appropriate flower choices, arrangement styles, and personalized touches based on your preferences and budget. Let your floral tributes serve as whispers of enduring affection, guiding loved ones through grief toward healing.


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