Heat Tolerant Flowers that Thrive Under Direct Sunlight

It’s almost summer. While it’s often regarded as a season of fun and adventures, it is also when the hottest days of the year are recorded. Summer brings excitement but it is also coupled with days when you’ll feel exhausted and uncomfortable because of sweltering heat. While it affects people, it can cause damage to flowers too. 

Although the sun is generally beneficial for plants, there are flowers that wilt easily due to intense exposure to sunlight. The sun’s rays may dehydrate a plant or cause excessive energy absorption which may destroy it eventually. Fortunately, there are also blooms that thrive under direct sunlight. Whether you want to grow flowers or simplify adores them, here’s a list of heat-tolerant flowers that still thrive even when temperatures rise.


Heat-Tolerant Flowers that Thrive Under Full Sun



Topping the list are sunflowers. These blooms easily thrive in places exposed to full sun. Sunflowers bloom during summer and they have varieties that can be grown in containers.



Another type of heat-tolerant flower is roses. They are easy to grow whether in containers or not. Roses can thrive under the full sun for up to 5-6 hours daily with good air circulation. There are also different types of roses with distinct characteristics you’d love.



A type of tropical flower, lantana blooms year-round and comes in an array of bright colors such as red, yellow, orange, white, or pink. This flower thrives under direct sunlight and in neglect.



This is another type of flower that should be included in the list of heat-tolerant flowers. Geraniums are tropical flowers that are perennial in nature. They usually bloom a lot and can be grown in containers or flower beds.



When it comes to tropical and heat-tolerant flowers, hibiscus or gumamela should not be forgotten. It is a low-maintenance plant that may be potted and still thrive. Gumamela is temperate and comes in a variety of colors.



A lover of sun and heat, marigolds are easy to grow even under direct sunlight. It is ideal to place them in a spot where they can be exposed to full sun in order for them to bloom heavily.



These blooms are among the best flowers that can grow under direct sunlight. They are heat-tolerant flowers that thrive even in containers so you may grow them in your patio or balcony.



Another type of flower that loves the sun and heat is petunia. These heat-tolerant flowers are beautiful and perennial in places where the climate is warm.


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Flowers are eye candies that positively affect the moods of people. With the summer season now starting to set the heat in full blast, it’s good to know that there are heat-tolerant flowers that will continue to thrive in spite of the rise in temperature. In cases when there are specific flowers that you prefer to have in your home, you can always choose among the flower arrangements from flower shops so you can have the nicest blooms no matter what the season is.


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