Top Reasons to Use Flower Arrangements for Special Occasions

Flowers are beautiful, colorful, and fragrant which makes them a popular choice for sending as gifts and decorating a venue during special occasions. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, debut, graduation, or wishing someone a speedy recovery, flowers can put a smile on the face of a person. When you combine the colors, sizes, and shapes of different flowers, you can create stunning flower arrangements for special occasions.   


There are many gift selections that you can buy these days but flowers remain to be part of many special milestones in people’s lives. Amazing floral arrangements can also make any event extra special. Read on the good reasons for having flowers for every occasion.

7 Reasons For Using Flowers for Special Occasions

1. Flowers Express A Message.

You can convey your innermost thoughts and emotions by sending flower arrangements for special occasions. You may want to express your love for your parents who are celebrating their anniversary or congratulate a friend who was promoted at work. Different flowers have meanings. Pink carnations express affection, red roses convey love and passion. Yellow lilies send a message of gratitude while white lilies mean innocence and sweetness. Sunflowers are for good luck and tulips impart irresistible love.

2. Flowers Uplift The Mood.

Giving flower arrangements for special occasions such as birthdays or engagements can brighten up someone’s day. It means you are one with them during the joyful moments of their lives. In a study, it was found that flowers can have a positive effect on the mood. You can also send flowers if you want to uplift the mood of a person who is recovering from sickness or mourning a loss. Your sweet gesture can help spark some happiness in them.

3. Flowers Can Be Personalized.

There are countless ways to create attractive flower arrangements for special occasions that perfectly suit your receiver’s taste. Every arrangement is unique and can be customized. Send an assortment of roses with varying colors to your mother who just retired from work. If your special someone likes the color pink, you can ask a florist to design a pink floral arrangement. If your friend enjoys eating chocolates, you can arrange to have a bouquet filled with chocolates.

Flower Patch has a wide assortment of fresh and beautiful flowers in varying shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be designed into impressive flower arrangements that are sure to captivate and leave the recipient awestruck. Expert florists handcrafted floral works of art in boxes, baskets, vases, and bouquets to meet anyone’s meticulous preferences. The florists can come up with a flower arrangement that perfectly complements your requirements.

4. Flowers Decorate An Event.

From lovely bouquets to colorful centerpieces and imposing arches, floral arrangements can add to the success of a special event. The variety of blooms, colors, and designs can affect the overall appearance and ambiance of your occasion. A venue can be transformed into a beautiful setting using flowers.

5. Flowers Can Last A While.

Chrysanthemums, orchids, carnations, lilies, dahlia, and sunflowers are some of the flowers that can last for several days or weeks. If you use them as flower arrangements for special occasions, they can still be kept even after the event is finished. Just make sure to replace the container with fresh water and put them in a cool room. That way, the floral arrangement can be enjoyed for a long time.

6. Flowers Can Be Shared With Others.

If you gave someone brightly colored flower arrangements for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations, or Valentine’s Day, chances are these blooms will be displayed at home or  the workplace. Others can also enjoy looking at the flowers. So by sending the lovely blooms, you can spread joy not only to the receiver but to other people as well.

7. Flowers Are Easy To Order.

There are times when you cannot visit someone who is celebrating a milestone to personally give your present. When this happens, it is a thoughtful gesture to send flower arrangements for special occasions. You can call or order online and have a skilled florist create a wonderful bouquet to be hand-delivered to the doorstep of your loved one.


Flower Patch offers Same Day Delivery services within Metro Manila, including Makati, Pasig, Ortigas, Alabang, Libis, and Quezon City. It also provides free delivery within Metro Manila.


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When you combine a variety of blooms of different colors, sizes, and shapes, you can design a myriad of fabulous flower arrangements for special occasions. Flowers are always part of many milestones in people’s lives. They are great choices when sending gifts or decorating a space for any celebration. Several reasons can be given for the use of flowers for every occasion.


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