2024 Flower Options Based on Pantone’s Color of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute has recently announced that Peach Fuzz is the color of the year for 2024. As a foremost source of color expertise worldwide, Pantone reveals annually the color of the succeeding year. Heading into 2024, Peach Fuzz brings a feeling of kindness and tenderness that communicates a message of caring and sharing according to Pantone. This is a timely 2024 color of the year that brings calmness and positivity to people amidst trying times.


Peach is a shade between orange and pink on the color wheel. Since peach fuzz is the designated 2024 color of the year, expect a lot of floral arrangements and motifs in special gatherings like weddings would work around it. The shade brings a warm feeling to the interiors of a home or office. The hue is also ideal to choose when sending bouquets to loved ones as we usher in the new year. It conveys a message of hope and encouragement during difficult moments. If you are wondering what different types of blooms have the same shade of peach fuzz, here are 6 beautiful flowers that you can select for a special occasion.   

6 Stunning Flowers with Peach Fuzz Shade

1. Rose ‘Just Joey’

Just Joey is one of the several peach-colored roses in the world. Just Joey has a sweet fragrance and elegant buds with large waved petals that are close to the color of the year. If only there was a designation for flowers of the year, this peach-colored rose could be a top contender. Just Joey is included in the Rose Hall of Fame, enjoying the honor as the World’s Favourite Rose in 1994.

2. Dahlia ‘Apricot Desire’

Apricot Desire resembles waterlily flowers. It has double soft apricot flowers with long, sturdy stems. Dahlias has many soft peach hues but Apricot Desire comes close to the color of the year by Pantone this 2024. They are good choices for borders and pots or cut flowers with a long vase life.

3. Ranunculus Rococo Peach

It has long and strong branching stems. This variety has a vase life of 10 to 14 days. Its soft peach flowers bloom in April and May.

4. Peach Mini Carnations

Peach mini carnations are good selections if you are looking for charming flowers that have the same shade as Pantone’s 2024 color of the year. These petite flowers are eye-catching with 3 to 5 ruffled, ball-shaped florals on each stem that may double their size once they blossom. These mini carnations have a long lifespan.

5. Icelandic Poppy ‘Giant Peach’

Icelandic poppy ‘Giant Peach’ can easily catch people’s attention. Aside from its beautiful shade that is similar to 2024’s color of the year, the flowers have gentle tissue-paper-like petals. They smell like citrus and are hardy perennials that can endure even the coldest winters.

6. Peach Sorbet Gerbera Daisy Flower

Peach sorbet gerbera daisies have dark-eyed centers with three rings of petals around them. The petals increase in length the more they are away from the middle and slowly change in color from hot pink to soft peach.


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Peach Fuzz, the 2024 Color of the Year by Pantone, is a good way to usher in the new year with the positive message it brings. This warm and delicate shade can add a romantic touch to any decorations at home or office. As the color of the year, peach fuzz could be one of the leading choices for bouquets and other floral arrangements during special occasions like weddings in 2024. Sending flowers with this hue expresses encouragement as well as romance to the receiver.   


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