Different Number of Roses and Their Meaning

Roses have a significant role in the message you send to someone. Just like a specific color, the number of roses in a bouquet also represents different meanings. You can use it to express your innermost thoughts and emotions if you are finding it difficult to say them through words. Or you may have received a bouquet of roses from your special someone but you probably did not know the hidden meaning behind the quantity. You may not even know about the number of roses and their meaning when you are sending a rose bouquet arrangement.  


When it comes to communicating a message through the gift of roses, it helps to  know the numeral meaning of the roses you are giving. If you are planning to give your loved one a rose bouquet, be sure that you get the right number to convey your message. Here is a guide on the number of roses and their meaning which could help you in sending a message of love.

The Meaning Behind The Quantity of Roses


  • Single Rose – this indicates love at first sight. It is commonly given during the first date and is an expression of interest to a person.


  • Two Roses – represent a sense of duality and bond. They mean mutual feelings in a relationship. You give two single roses to the person you are deeply in love with.


  • Three Roses –it means saying ‘I love you,’ the three magic words that you always want to hear from a beloved. They indicate an expression of love.


  • Four Roses – this number of roses and their meaning signify that ‘nothing will come between us’. They show a strong foundation (four sides) with a message of stability and comfort.


  • Five Roses – one of the few numbers that symbolize perfection and high standard. Give 5 roses to show how much your love interest means to you. They also express care to a partner or a good friend.


  • Six Roses – a subtle way to convey your feelings because this means ‘I want to be yours’. When you are dating someone and you want your relationship to prosper to the next level, this number of roses and their meaning must be kept in mind. Associated with passion and infatuation, giving 6 roses means that your feelings for a love interest have matured.


  • Seven Roses – seven is considered lucky in many cultures. If you received 7 roses after you got promoted, then this explains the number of roses meaning. Give these roses to your special someone to convey that you are lucky to be in a relationship with the person. 


  • Eight Roses – if you want to express gratitude, appreciation, or support to someone, remember this number of roses and their meaning. You can give an 8-rose bouquet to your families and friends. You can also send this to show support to someone who is undergoing a tough time.


  • Nine Roses – they represent eternal love. This is the ideal bouquet if you want to convey that you like to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. This number of roses and their meaning make them a  perfect gift for engagements, weddings, and anniversaries.


  • Ten Roses – ten is considered the ideal quality and perfection. If you find it difficult to express the right compliment, then giving this number of roses can help speak for you. This is a way of telling a special someone that he or she is perfect.


  • Fifteen Roses – you can give these roses to ask for forgiveness after committing a mistake. Selecting this number of roses can convey remorse and heartfelt apologies.


  • Twenty Roses – they are a bouquet that signifies honesty, truth, and pure intentions. They can be an ideal gift to remind your beloved of your genuine feelings.


  • Twenty-Four Roses – this number of roses has a romantic touch. Since a day consists of twenty-four hours, this bouquet signifies that you are thinking of your special someone throughout the day.


  • Thirty-Six Roses – this numeral has a time-related significance. It is a combination of twenty-four hours and twelve months. This number of roses and their meaning speak about your year-long obsession with a loved one.


  • Forty Roses – choose this number of roses when you want to express your genuine love to someone. They are a perfect gift if you are celebrating your ruby anniversary.


  • Fifty Roses – they are a bountiful bouquet usually given once a relationship has matured and becomes serious. This number of roses and their meaning speaks of unconditional love. They remind your special someone that your love is immeasurable.


  • Eighty-Eight Roses – give 88 rose stems to express your sincerest apology to someone. They signify that you deeply regret the mistake you committed.


  • Ninety-Nine Roses – convey a touching message of loving the person till the day you die. This number of roses and their meaning is close to expressing eternal love. This bouquet of roses is a fabulous anniversary gift to a significant other.


  • One Hundred Roses – a romantic gesture if you want to say that you are head over heels in love. When your words cannot completely describe your devotion to someone, this enormous number of roses can help in getting your message across.


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The number of roses in a bouquet has various special meanings. You may not be even aware of the number of roses and their meaning when you give someone a floral arrangement. It helps a lot to initially read a guide before sending a bouquet so you will know the right number of roses and their respective meanings to convey the perfect message to your loved one.


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