Dried Flowers vs Fresh Flowers: The Differences that You Must Know

Bringing nature into your home or office is always a nice idea. Floral decorations can brighten up your living and working spaces with their natural beauty and stunning arrangements. Fresh flowers always come to mind for many but dried flowers are also good alternatives for your decor needs.


You may consider using dried flowers if you want to keep your spaces in full bloom at all times unless you have the resources for a regular supply of fresh flowers. Here are some of the key differences between dried vs fresh flowers so you can compare them and see which is the better option for you. 


7 Main Differences of Dried Flowers vs Fresh Flowers


1. Fragrances

Fresh flowers can fill your home or office with their lovely floral scent, unlike dried flowers. This is an important factor that you may want to consider if you are comparing dried flowers vs fresh flowers. The preserving process of dried flowers often eliminates their natural fragrance although some can still emit a little aroma. Dried bouquets are sometimes artificially scented. However, if you have an allergy to strong fragrances or pollens, you may pick dried flowers that also do not contain irritating pollens.          

2. Longevity

This is an obvious advantage of dried flowers. They last longer than fresh blooms. A fresh bouquet can last for about a week with proper care while dried flowers look good for up to a few months. This makes dried flowers the more practical option for your decoration requirements.

3. Affordability

Dried flowers are more affordable than fresh flowers. Budget is a primary constraint when it comes to selecting dried flowers vs fresh flowers. Try to compare the total expenses of fresh and dried flowers over the same period. The amount of regularly buying fresh bouquets to replace old ones comes with a hefty price in contrast to dried flowers which you only need to purchase once or twice during the same time frame.   

4. Aesthetic

Fresh blooms look more appealing than dried flowers. They liven up any room with their natural and radiant beauty. However, dried flowers have their rustic charm that adds distinct character to a space. It depends on your personal preference whether to select dried flowers vs fresh flowers or vice versa since both of them have their unique way of enhancing your home or office.   

5. Versatility

Both dried and fresh flowers are versatile. They can be arranged and used in several ways. You can make bouquets, wreaths, potpourris, confetti, and home accent, among others.

6. Health Benefits

Fresh flowers have several health benefits compared to dried flowers. This is an important factor that you must think about when comparing dried flowers vs fresh flowers, especially if you are conscious of your health. Fresh flowers can spark happiness, increase your energy, enhance the mood, aid relaxation, improve sleep quality, and relieve stress, among others. 

7. Natural Look 

Fresh flowers have a natural look due to their vibrant colors. This is in contrast with most dried flowers which do not preserve the natural look of flowers, especially the colors of the petals. 


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Fresh and dried flowers have distinct features that you may consider when selecting your floral arrangements at home or in the office. The comparison presents important facts about dried flowers vs fresh flowers that can help you decide which is the better choice. However, it still depends on your personal preference on what to select between the two. Remember that fresh blooms are more fragrant, look more appealing, have several health benefits and look more natural than dried flowers. In contrast, dried flowers are more affordable, more versatile, and last longer than fresh blossoms.  


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