Top 7 Flowers that Attract Money and Luck

Flowers have several benefits that include enhancing creativity at work, purifying the air, and improving emotional health. Some flowers symbolize luck and prosperity according to Feng Shui. There are blooms that naturally draw positive energies. They are ideal gifts to decorate the house or office.

Adding a beautiful flower that attracts money inside a living or working space is a good way to welcome 2024. It does not only enhance a plain room but also brings extra fortune and good luck to the occupants. Giving an elegant flower arrangement with auspicious blooms is also one way of sending a message of good luck to the receiver. To ensure this coming year is better than the last, here are 7 blooms that you can choose to let wealth continue flowing into your home and workplace.

7 Flowers that Symbolize Luck

1. Lavender

Make sure to put lavender by the door since it is a flower that attracts money. Luck will be carried while negative energy is dispelled when you pass through the door. With its heavenly scent, lavender can also calm the nerves and quiet the mind, allowing people to have a good quality sleep.

2. Desert Rose

Adenium obesum, commonly known as desert rose, is a wealth plant in Chinese culture and widely used during Chinese Spring Festival celebrations. A flower that attracts money, it is among the good luck plants that can be placed at home. Its thick, swollen roots symbolize fertility and abundance. Plants that have beautiful red and pink flowers are thought to bring good luck.


This flower that attracts money is not a real rose but a flowering succulent plant. It can also live for several decades given the proper care and growing conditions. This means prosperity will continue for many years.   

3. Cherry Blossom

In Feng Shui, cherry blossom is a flower that attracts money and good fortune. It is known to draw positive energies in new beginnings so it is an ideal gift to someone who moves to a new house or changes jobs. While cherry blossoms can be placed in a large pot or planted in the garden, they can be kept indoors if you trim them regularly.

4. Peonies

This charming fluffy flower symbolizes good luck, fertility, and prosperity. They are ideal to give your loved ones at the start of a new year to extend your well-wishes to them. As a flower that attracts money, it can be placed at home or in the office. To enhance your luck and attract good relationships this 2024, you can put this plant in the southwest direction of the garden.


The name originates from the Greeks. It was named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing. In Greek mythology, Paeon healed Hades after he was injured in a fight. But a jealous Asclepius threatened to kill Paeon so the gods interfered and changed Paeon into a flower.

5. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are known as good luck flowers, especially the yellow and gold flowers. The yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes cheerfulness and optimism. A flower meaning good luck, chrysanthemums attract positivity at home as they purify the air and remove toxins from the living space. Keep these good luck flowers in the living room.

6. Orchids

This is one Feng Shui flower that attracts money and good luck. It brings positive energy and abundance to the home. It is a symbol of spiritual growth, good relationships, and fertility. In caring for orchids, they must be placed in a spot where there is good ventilation and full of light but not in direct sunlight.

7. Rose

Roses are lucky plants for home according to Feng Shui. It symbolizes love and passion and invites good luck and healing energy. Red roses represent love, white roses signify peace, and yellow brings happiness.


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As we usher in 2024, one of the best presents to give is a flower that attracts money as it brings prosperity and luck to the recipients. While they make a living or working space beautiful, the colorful blooms invite positive energies. According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, several flowers are believed to draw wealth and luck. With its own attributed auspicious significance and proper positioning at home or in the office, a flower that attracts money is a welcome addition to any space.


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