Trending Bridal Bouquets for the June Bride

The month of June is known as the month of marriage where it is believed that those married within this month would be blessed with a happy relationship forever. In 2024, trending bridal bouquets for June are all about embracing sustainability, individuality and seasonal beauty. 


Florists and brides alike are moving towards unique arrangements that show colorful personality while capturing the essence of summer. With flower choices that range from a lush, overflow of bouquets bursting with vibrant blooms to minimalist arrangements that highlight simplicity – you can find a floral aesthetic that fits your style. 


Here are the 4 trending bridal bouquets perfect for the June bride!

4 Trending Bridal Bouquets for June Brides


1. Mini Bouquet 

mini bouquet

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings (Pinterest)


This is one of the popular wedding trends right now which is having a small or minimal bridal bouquet. This means small flowers or tall flower stalks being cut to make it cuter. 


Bigger flower arrangements tend to distract people from the beauty of your wedding dress. But with a mini bouquet these flowers won’t be so much of a hassle to carry.  So if you’re looking for a laidback, simple aesthetic while also saving money during your special day then try this out. 

2. Single Ingredient Bouquet 

single ingredient bouquet

Source: Jose Villa (Brides)

Is a type of bridal bouquet trend that only makes use of one type of flower. This is often used to enhance a certain color by using a monochromatic theme that informs the whole wedding design and decor.


This gives your wedding venue and outfit a uniform aesthetic that elevates the whole event. The most used colors for a single ingredient bouquet are white, purple or yellow flowers. An example of a bouquet following this trend is this arrangement of 10 white imported roses with their long stem design. If you want a unified theme for your wedding, then this is the trend to apply. 

3. Wildflower Bouquet 

wild flower bouquet

Source: Alex Gilbert (Pinterest)

Another trend in 2024 weddings is the use of wildflower arrangements for the bride. These incorporate unconventional flowers or even common garden plants like corals and other foliage. 


Wildflower bouquets have many eye-catching colors that make your wedding event vibrant. This floral arrangement is often used to contrast with the bride’s elegant white wedding dress that focus on texture and shapes that make it feel like you’re holding a garden in your hands.. An example of this wild beauty can be found in this bouquet of 14 roses with casablanca lily. If you want an appearance of untamed wilderness to be a part of your wedding day this is the style for you. 


4. Cascading Bouquets 

cascading bouquets

Source: Wed Society (Pinterest)


A floral arrangement that is similar to wildflower bouquets as they are bound to make a statement. The difference is that the flower stems are tied together so that they look like they are a small flower river overflowing from your hands. These are a good compliment if your wedding dress is intricately designed. So if you want to have the aesthetic of the unfolding beauty of nature on your special day, adopt this style.


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Bridal Bouquet Trends That are Best for You 

No matter what current wedding flower trends you decide to go with, whether it’s the minimalism of mini bouquets or the colorful statement of a wildflower arrangement, what matters is having flowers that make your special day that much more memorable with your partner. 


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