Top 6 Tips to Remember When Sending Birthday Flowers in the Philippines

Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift to give to your special someone or loved one? It can be difficult to know where to start, but remember that you can always count on fresh flowers to show someone how much they mean to you.

Flowers are classic birthday gifts that can perfectly convey happiness and positivity. And regardless if you can be with them on their special day or not, sending a bouquet or arrangement of flowers can instantly put a smile on their faces.

If you’re still unsure of this gift idea, read on to know the tips when sending birthday flowers in the Philippines!


6 Must-Know Tips When Sending Birthday Flowers in the Philippines


1. Make it Personal

A beautiful bouquet of flowers will always be well-appreciated by the birthday celebrant. However, if you really want to make their day special, you should carefully choose the kind of birthday flowers you’ll send.

As much as possible, purchase flowers that are based on their personality. You can make a list of things that describe them. Then, search for the meanings behind the different types of flowers and match their traits accordingly.

You should also try to remember if they mentioned a favorite flower or color. By taking these preferences into consideration when choosing a birthday flower, you show that you care and listen. This ultimately adds a personal touch to your gift!


2. Consider Their Birth Month Flower

If you’re completely clueless or don’t know the person enough, you can still send a great birthday flower gift!

Simply research about their birth month flower. And yes, it’s a thing! 

Each birth month flower carries its own special meaning, ideal if you want to convey your well-wishes to a person.

Here are their meanings and what they say about the birthday celebrant:

  • January – Carnations are a symbol of love and fascination. But depending on their colors, each one can convey a different meaning.
  • February – Violets are commonly associated with the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. As such, they convey faithfulness and modesty.
  • March – Daffodils represent sunshine, joy, and friendship. However, they can also mean unparalleled love.
  • April – Daisy is a humble flower that conveys purity, innocence, and loyalty.
  • May – Lily of the Valley symbolizes purity, humility, and sweetness.
  • June – Rose has long been the symbol of pure love. However, it can also carry different meanings depending on its color.
  • July – Larkspur flowers express beautiful spirit and lightness in general.
  • August – Gladioli flowers represent strength and dignity.
  • September – Asters indicate love and daintiness but it can also symbolize faith and wisdom.
  • October – Marigold is a symbol of eternal love. This flower also shows a strong determination to succeed, ideal for driven and passionate individuals.
  • November – Chrysanthemum or mums signify wisdom and nobility. It also represents innocence, purity, hope, and longevity.
  • December – Narcissus might take its name from the infamous Greek myth of self-adulation but this flower symbolizes modesty, youth, and beauty. It is also believed to attract good luck for the new year.


3. Order Ahead of Time

You don’t want to be that person who missed your special someone’s birthday because of a late gift.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal birthday flowers, it’s best to place an advanced order so you don’t have to worry about missing an important day. Simply choose the date when you want the flowers to arrive—typically the actual birthday date to ensure the freshness of the flowers. 

But, to be sure, ask the florist for the estimated delivery time, especially if you’re purchasing foreign blooms. Sometimes, these flowers would need more lead time due to limited stocks.

Tip: Want to send last-minute birthday flowers? Fret not! Some online flower shops, such as Flower Patch, now offer same-day flower delivery service in Metro Manila so you can still send your heartfelt gift on time. 


4. Include an Extra Birthday Gift

Flowers are indeed special birthday gifts that would surely brighten the celebrant’s day. But if you want their day to become extra special, partner the flowers with add-ons like chocolates, cake, stuffed toy, or balloons!

Whether they have a sweet tooth or enjoy a glass of wine, they’ll surely appreciate these extra treats, making your gift one for the books.


5. Don’t Forget a Heartfelt Card

For the ultimate birthday treat, don’t forget to include a heartfelt note!

A gift card offers the perfect chance to express what you really feel, whether it’s gratitude or love. Don’t overthink it! Just keep things short and sweet to convey your best wishes to the person.

The birthday celebrant would surely appreciate this personalized, handwritten note.


6. Choose a Trusted Flower Delivery Service in the Philippines

Last but not least, it’s a must to select a reputable flower shop in the Philippines to ensure the highest quality blooms. Research online and read customer testimonials to make sure that the store is trusted and reliable.

If you’re purchasing birthday flowers online, be extra careful. Ask about the delivery policy, delivery areas, and the fees. Make sure that you are also well aware of the lead time so you can prepare ahead and order your flowers in advance.

Choosing the ideal birthday gift is tricky. Fortunately, flowers have long been classic birthday gifts that can make the celebrant feel special and appreciated. Remember these tips when sending birthday flowers in the Philippines to ensure a heartfelt and hassle-free gift.


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