Your Guide to Finding the Best Wedding Bouquet Shapes and Styles

Flowers make a wedding more elegant and special. But of all the wedding flower arrangements that will come before your eyes, there’s no doubt that the most special is the one held by the bride–the wedding bouquet.

For sure, when it’s already your turn to walk down the aisle, you’d want the best wedding bouquet–one that will be worthy of having a share of the spotlight as you march towards the altar. However, if you think that getting the right wedding bouquet is just a matter of choosing the best flowers, you should look into your options to know what suits you best.

To acquaint you with the choices that you’ll find in a physical or an online flower shop, here’s a glossary of the wedding bouquets that you’d want to know about.


9 Types of Wedding Bouquets that You Should Know Before Tying the Knot

1. Pageant Bouquet

Also known as presentation bouquets and as its name suggests, this wedding bouquet is similar to the ones that are commonly given to those who are joining a pageant. Usually non-symmetrical or oblong in shape, it makes a nice wedding flower arrangement that you can cradle in your arms.

2. Cascading Bouquet

This is a statement wedding bouquet that comes with bunches of flowers at the top that cascades down to the floor as it gets smaller. Orchids are commonly used for this type of bouquet and look especially nice with minimalistic gowns.

3. Hand-Tied Bouquet

If what you want is a bouquet that can leave you carefree and worry-free, this is your best choice. Perfect for less formal wedding themes, including beach or rustic weddings. You can make a beautiful hand-tied wedding bouquet by mixing your preferred blooms with twine, burlap, fabric or ribbons–just make sure that the materials perfectly coincide with your overall theme.

4. Biedermeier Bouquet

Have you seen a wedding bouquet that is arranged in color-coordinated rings? That’s a Biedermeier bouquet. For a bolder and more understated look, you can opt using different colors of flowers for each ring to achieve an ombre effect.

5. Pomander Bouquet

For a wedding bouquet that is unique from the usual flower arrangements, a pomander wedding bouquet is what you’ll want. However, this is not typically used by brides and is often carried by flower girls or used as aisle markers.

6. Composite Bouquet

This type of wedding bouquet is a combination of multiple flowers that are bundled to make them look like a single, huge flower. This is especially perfect for those who are artistic and would love to mix and match colors into their bouquet to come up with a one-of-a-kind flower arrangement.

7. Posy Bouquet

This is a type of minimalist bouquet. Unlike the usually heavy wedding bouquets, this one can be carried even with one hand. One advantage of choosing this style is its affordability. You can practically choose expensive blooms for this as you won’t be required to pick a lot, thus controlling the cost of your wedding bouquet.

8. Round Bouquet

Certainly, one of the most commonly used wedding bouquets, round bouquets never fail to be a top pick for brides. It comes with blooms that are loosely tied to achieve a domed top.

9. Nosegay Bouquet

A combination of a posy and round wedding bouquet, it features small, domed bouquets that are most suitable for simple and laid-back brides or as a flower arrangement for bridesmaids.


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