6 Reasons Why Funeral Flowers are as Important as Condolence Money

It has long been established that flowers make an ideal tribute for the deceased. In fact, you often see arrangements of flowers being displayed during wakes, memorial services or burials. This goes to show that giving flowers during funerals has been tightly-embraced in Filipino traditions.

However, there are some who might have second thoughts about giving flowers for the funeral and opt for condolence money instead. While cash can be a good financial support, florals as funeral tokens give a far deeper value that money can’t provide. 

Here are the reasons why you should not neglect to give funeral flowers as much as you’re willing to offer cash donations. 


6 Reasons Why Funeral Flowers Make Better Funeral Gifts

1. Funeral Flowers Have Greater Sentimental Value 

Flowers may not be able to speak but their silent presence can already tell the words too painful to say. They have a certain language that can express deep emotions of sympathy and understanding. And this is something that money could never afford to give. 

Giving flowers to show condolences mean that you value the deceased and that they never leave your thoughts. Imagine losing a loved one and seeing the coffin surrounded by heartfelt flower arrangements. Won’t it leave a beautiful memory knowing that he/she is valued by many?

2. Funeral Flowers are More Memorable

Although flowers wither and die, this token of respect will forever cling to the memories of the people in grief. Cash might be a good financial aid but given the time of distress and suffering, it can easily go unnoticed and eventually forgotten. In contrast, funeral flowers can be seen during wakes and burial and this will be a lasting reminder that you have been with the bereaved every step of the way. 

3. Funeral Flowers Have Spiritual Significance 

Aside from the expression of love and sympathy, flowers carry symbolisms that touch through the spiritual journey of humans. Death as an inevitable stage is a common truth for both the flowers and humans. This can also be stemmed from the religious belief of Christians that life on earth is only temporary. 

Unlike financial donations, funeral flowers will send a message that the lives of humans are like flowers – they’re fleeting. This simple act can make the bereaved feel that you understand them and that sympathy is even more heartfelt. 

4. Funeral Flowers are More Than Just for Displays 

The act of giving flowers in times of grief can be traced back to thousands of years ago when embalming was far from existence. Aside from paying tribute to the dead, flowers were used for their fragrance in order to help counter the odors of decaying bodies. It has been a living tradition that transpired over the years. Nowadays, even if embalming already came to life, floral arrangements remain a vital part of funerals not only for decoration purposes but to overpower the smell of corpses. 

5. Funeral Flowers can be Personalized

Unlike condolence money, flowers are open for customizations that will tailor to the message you want to send. Florals come in different types and colors that speak of various personalities. Each flower carry meanings that go beyond its appearance. Being personally involved in the selection process of floral arrangements can bring your tribute even closer to the hearts of the family at loss. 

6. Sending Funeral Flowers Shows More Effort 

Although the process of sending flowers is now made easier with the availability of online services, it still entails efforts to a certain degree that are relatively more difficult to do than simply giving money. From nitpicking the florist and floral arrangements to paying the cost, the time and effort you put into sending this token of respect will certainly be appreciated. 


Losing a loved one is never easy and gifts may not be able to alleviate the pain. But a simple act of sending flowers to the family in sorrow can already show support much deeper than the financial. 

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