5 Types of Bouquets that are Popular in the Philippines

Different types of bouquets serve as timeless expressions of affection and celebration beloved by everyone. In the Philippines particularly, where a diversity of flowers and celebrations abound, you could have a hard time picking an appropriate or inventive new way to show your feelings through a bouquet. 

So this article will go over some of the current popular types of bouquets that Filipinos use for every occasion. From timeless classics to innovative twists, these bouquets encapsulate the essence of Filipino joy and generosity.

5 Popular Types of Bouquets for Filipinos

1. Traditional Bouquet

This type of bouquet features a gathering of flowers, usually in a rounded or dome shape, held together with ribbon or twine. It’s versatile and can be customized according to personal preferences. They’re popular during special events like weddings, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, anniversaries etc. This is the most commonly used not just in the Philippines but worldwide.

2. Artificial Bouquet 

A bouquet that is made from human crafted flowers, typically made from either polyester fabric, plastic, paper, foam, silk or velvet. These are used as home decorations or events that require the flowers to not wilt or be damaged. However, because of the materials used to create artificial flowers, they are usually more expensive than natural flowers. 

3. Philippine Flowers Bouquet

Reflecting the Philippines’ rich flora, this bouquet has flowers such as orchids, anthuriums, and heliconias. It’s ideal for adding a touch of tropical flair to any event. Inspired by Filipino culture and heritage, this bouquet may incorporate native flowers like Sampaguita (national flower of the Philippines), ylang-ylang, or waling-waling orchids. It’s a beautiful way to showcase local flora and celebrate Filipino traditions.

4. Food Bouquet

If you’re looking for a creative way to celebrate a person’s milestones or special events then giving them a food bouquet might be the right thing for them, especially if they are foodies! These are a collection of snacks given to friends and loved ones. Made usually from the favorite foods of the recipient. Could be made from an assortment of candies, fruits, desserts and can even include drinks. Just make sure the food doesn’t spoil! 

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5.  Money Bouquet

Is another creative alternative to traditional bouquets. Created from a bundle of paper bills tied together which is generally given to your family or friends during special events in their life. The money could be folded in such a way as to resemble flowers or incorporate the bills into real floral arrangements. They are a popular bouquet in the Philippines that serves as both a symbolic gesture of generosity and a practical gift, providing recipients with financial support or a fun surprise.

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Whether showcasing native flora or indulging in culinary delights, each bouquet tells a story of love and appreciation, weaving together tradition, innovation, and heartfelt sentiment in every petal and gift.

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