7 Essentials of Christmas Party Planning

The holiday season is here once again. Many yuletide events like corporate Christmas parties are now being planned and organized as Christmas fast approaches. This holiday festivity allows everyone in the office to take some time off from work, come together, and celebrate with colleagues and higher-ups this wonderful season of the year. 


If you are assigned to do corporate Christmas party planning for your workplace, you must know some essential tips on how to make your party a success. To help you get started, here are 7 steps that can guide you in planning a work Christmas party that everyone will enjoy with only a few weeks left before December.  


7 Important Tips for Corporate Christmas Party Planning


1. Start Planning Early.

Corporate Christmas party planning must be done early. Start planning a few months before December so you will not have difficulties in looking and booking for a venue. Doing it in advance will give you enough time to plan other essential things such as having a caterer and audio-visual rentals. It will also prevent you from getting rushed when December comes. This will avoid having limited options if you plan your Christmas party late.


2. Determine Your Budget.

Setting a budget is one of the essential things you need to address during a corporate Christmas party planning. Make sure that you stay within the budget so you need to carefully find out how much you can spend. Start by calculating all the expenses so you can have estimated costs for the following:

  • Venue
  • Food and drinks
  • Entertainment
  • Decorations

You can also have a contingency fund to cover unexpected expenses that are not accounted for during your corporate Christmas party planning. Present the budget to your boss so you can finalize the details once it has been approved.


3. Set a Date.

You can either choose the date of the Christmas party or ask everyone in the workplace for possible dates. All is busy during the holiday season with gatherings happening left and right. As part of corporate Christmas party planning, you must find a suitable date that works for everyone. You can schedule the party on a Thursday or Friday night after office hours. This will give the employees and bosses enough time to leave early from work and change their clothes.   


4. Select and Book a Venue.

Once you have a date set in your corporate Christmas party planning, you can begin looking for a suitable venue. It might not be possible to hold your Christmas party at the office due to limited space. Having a party outside the workplace gives the staff a chance to enjoy themselves and allows them to bond and discuss not only work. In a study conducted, 60% of office workers reported that the top thing they are looking forward to at office holiday parties is socializing with their coworkers. List down and personally check potential venues like restaurants, bars, function rooms, or gardens that are within your budget. Envision what the table settings, decorations, and entertainment will look like and see if the venue can accommodate them. Always reserve the venue as early as possible because it is in demand during the yuletide season.


5. Pick a Christmas Party Theme.

Your decorations have to be carefully selected for the theme when you are doing your corporate Christmas party planning. The typical theme is a holiday with red, green, and gold colors but you can be creative. You can choose a white Christmas theme where everything is white including the Christmas party flowers as centerpieces. You can have an enchanted forest with hanging flowers, vines, and twinkling lights surrounding the venue. You can stick to Christmas floral arrangements for the holiday theme. Popular traditional Christmas flowers that can be used include:     

  • Poinsettia
  • Amaryllis
  • Red Roses
  • Mistletoe
  • Holly
  • Orchid

Give your festive event a more cheerful vibe. Expert florists from Flower Patch can design floral arrangements for your corporate Christmas party. These arrangements are made from fresh local and imported flowers that are beautifully placed in boxes, baskets, vases, and bouquets to suit the theme of your workplace’s holiday event.


6. Choose a Caterer and the Menu.

You need to think about the food and drinks for the Christmas party. As part of your corporate Christmas party planning, select a caterer who can prepare a menu that suits your theme. Some venues have cheaper in-house catering, but you can still hire caterers if it works within your budget. You can ask everyone in the office if they have special dietary needs or food allergies so the caterer can be informed immediately. This will help you pick a suitable menu for all attendees.


7. Plan Party Activities.

Your corporate Christmas party planning can include preparing some fun activities for everyone like the traditional exchange of gifts, raffle draws, or the best in costume contest. You can hire a band for a night of dancing if your budget allows it. You can create your own playlist for the background music. Be sure to check if the venue has a built-in sound system and microphone. Hire a photographer or ask someone to take shots of the party. You can rent a photo booth so your colleagues can enjoy posing with funny props and costumes and take home their photos as souvenirs.


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Christmas parties at the workplace bring together employees and bosses to celebrate the holidays. A meticulous corporate Christmas party planning is essential to ensure everything is covered. If you are assigned to be in charge of this year’s Christmas party, you do not have to fret because there are useful tips that can guide you. Every successful event starts with careful planning so start as early as now while you still have sufficient time.


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