Romance in the Philippines: 7 Local Flowers Perfect for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day draws near, romantics throughout the Philippines will be looking for heartfelt gifts to present to their loved ones. Imported blooms are a fabulous and highly popular choice. However, you can also find gorgeous Philippine flowers that’ll look absolutely wonderful in a bouquet! Try giving these 7 local blooms to the love of your life for a unique twist to your Valentine’s Day.

7 Philippine Flowers Perfect for Valentine’s Day

1. Hibiscus/Gumamela

This flower is often associated with summer scenes and tropical getaways. Aside from tucking a single gumamela behind the ear of your beloved, however, you can present a laid-back arrangement featuring these blooms for Valentine’s Day.

    • Symbolizes admiration for delicate beauty in Victorian flower language
    • Available in several colors, from pure white to deep pink to fiery reds and oranges. Some flowers have two-tone petals or dark pink centers.
    • Try giving gumamela flowers to a girl who loves the beach!
2. Jasmine/Sampaguita

The Philippines’ national flower has a romantic aspect, too! Look for a bouquet that includes the fragrant sampaguita, or use these dainty white flowers to adorn Valentine’s Day gifts.

    • Associated with love in many Southeast Asian countries
    • Symbolizes fidelity and devotion
3. Orchid

From the queenly waling-waling to the fragrant sanggumay, countless species of orchids call the Philippines their home. Have them arranged into a bouquet, or buy a potted orchid for a plant enthusiast.

    • Generally stands for love and beauty
    • Highly prized in the Victorian era, when exotic flowers translated to passionate love
    • Customize your Valentine’s Day message with orchids in different colors.
      • Purple: Royalty
      • Red: Passion
      • Orange: Enthusiasm
      • Pink: Femininity, Grace, and Happiness
4. Anthurium

With a giant bract shaped like a heart, the anthurium is right at home among other Valentine’s Day flowers in the Philippines. Get these flowers as part of an arrangement, or present an anthurium plant to a lover with a green thumb.

    • Generally symbolizes a deep romantic attraction
    • Anthuriums can carry different meanings based on their color, too.
      • Red: Passion and love
      • Pink: Motherly love – Great for friends and relatives!
      • Green: Freshness
5. Hydrangea/Milflores

Milflores, the local term for hydrangeas, literally means “thousand flowers.” Living up to such a poetic name, these flowers grow in shapely bunches that’ll surely wow your loved one.

    • Generally symbolizes grace and beauty
    • Each of the hydrangea’s different colors carries a separate meaning.
      • Purple: Deeper desire to know someone better
      • Pink: Heartfelt emotion
      • Blue: Forgiveness
6. Rose

How lovely it is to count this Valentine’s Day superstar among our local flowers! The pitimini rose in particular is a surprisingly common sight in the Philippines.

    • A classic symbol of love and romance
    • Send a personalized message through the rose’s different colors.
      • Red: Love, perfection
      • Pink: Grace, elegance
      • Orange: Fascination
      • Salmon: Desire, excitement
      • Purple: Enchantment
    • The number of roses is a message of its own!
      • 1: Love at first sight
      • 3: I love you
      • 9: Eternal love
      • 10: You’re perfect
7. Lily

Whether from Laguna or Davao, the lilies of the Philippines are all surefire head-turners. Many varieties will surround your loved one with a fragrance ranging from subtle to powerful.

    • Generally symbolizes purity, honesty, and devotion
    • Different lily colors carry specific meanings.
      • Yellow (ex. Yelloween): Happiness
      • Pink (ex. Stargazer): Prosperity
      • Red: Passion


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Surprise the love of your life with these 7 Philippine flowers to cap off your Valentine’s Day. Try pairing them with a handmade gift or some luxurious local chocolate for a one-of-a-kind romantic gesture.

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