Sympathy Flowers and the Messages they Convey

Words may not be enough to express your sympathy to a person who has lost a loved one. Fortunately, sympathy flowers can make it easier for you to express your thoughts and bring comfort during an unfortunate time.

Although flowers in general can signify thoughtfulness and beauty. When choosing the best sympathy flowers, it would be ideal to know what your options are and know the meaning behind them based on their colors and types. 


Sympathy Flowers and the Meanings of their Colors


White sympathy flowers

“Always remembered”

Sympathy flowers usually come in the color white. With its meaning, white sympathy flowers are a classic choice as they represent new beginnings and remembrance. It is also a common choice for a young child as white flowers are associated with innocence and purity.


Yellow sympathy flowers

“Sympathies for a dear friend”

The departing of a loved one is one of the dark times that may be encountered in life. By choosing yellow sympathy flowers, you can send the family of the departed a message of light and hope during this trying time. It is also a cheerful color that represents friendship and warmth.


Red sympathy flowers

“Love in times of grief”

This color represents love and beauty. It is most suited to be given to the family who lost a loved one. Express your love to the people who need comfort during this difficult time by sending them red sympathy flowers.


Purple sympathy flowers

“Love and care for the family of the departed”

Another color that is suited for sympathy flowers is purple. You must have seen purple orchids and flowers used in standing flower arrangements and casket sprays. One of the reasons for this is its symbolism of loyalty and respect. 


Pink sympathy flowers

“Respect and love for a great woman”

Pink is the common representation of women and beauty. It symbolizes femininity which makes pink sympathy flowers a great present for those who lost a wife, mother, sister, or girlfriend.


Most Common Types of Sympathy Flowers

•  Lilies represent new chapters and are fitting offerings to the family of the departed. These sympathy flowers send the message of focusing on a new phase in life while for the departed, it means renewed innocence.

•  Chrysanthemums symbolize grief in Asian countries while in European countries, they symbolize death. In the US, muns are used to honor the life of the departed.

•  Carnations are used for Catholic and Christian funerals and are often seen in funeral wreaths.

•  Orchids live much longer than other flowers. They are the perfect sympathy flowers for those who have eternal love for the departed. Among the different types of orchids, pink, purple, and white orchids are commonly preferred for sympathy flowers.

•  Roses are iconic flowers and are commonly associated with beauty. They have many uses and can also represent love and appreciation for a dearly departed.


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Death is a time of grief. While words are not enough to show your condolences, sympathy flowers can help you deliver messages of love, support, and comfort. There are different types of sympathy flowers to choose from. Choose sympathy flowers based on the message that you want to convey. 


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