From Classic to Modern: The Sweetest Stuff that Go Best with Valentine’s Day Flowers

Flowers are a timeless Valentine’s Day gift. While the act of giving your significant other is already romantic, you can still make it sweeter. There are add-ons that make pretty blooms look more beautiful. From classic to modern, here are some of the best add-ons that you can pair with your choice of Valentine’s Day bouquet.


Classic and Modern Add-Ons to Pair with Valentine’s Day Flowers


Classic Add-Ons to Valentine’s Day Flowers


1. Chocolates

Chocolates when used as a gift is often associated with love, passion, and happiness. Oftentimes, chocolates and flowers make a foolproof Valentine’s Day gift. Aside from its distinct taste, researches reveal that chocolates help lift one’s mood. It also releases endorphins aka happy hormones so if you want to make someone feel happy, chocolates would be a great remedy.


2. Stuffed Toys

Not just for kids but for the kids-at-heart too, stuffed toys are also perfect to pair with flowers. While flowers can help brighten up a day, stuffed toys are associated with comfort. These cute and cuddly toys can help ease distress and anxiety–just perfect during this time when restrictions are still in place.


3. Balloons

You can make a simple Valentine’s day flower arrangement look more grand by adding balloons. Not only are they pretty to look at, but there are also balloons that bear sweet messages to help you express your thoughts this Valentine’s Day.


4. Cake

Make Valentine’s Day feel like a real celebration by sending a cake together with your choice of bouquet. Heart-shaped cakes, as well as Valentine’s themed ones, will help make the selection  lot easier.


5. Jewelry

Go the extra mile for a significant other by giving her jewelry. Ring, necklace, and bracelets are among the most common Valentine’s Day gifts that are paired with flowers. If your budget allows, go for real ones. Not only are they pretty, but their value also grows with time.


Modern Add-Ons to Valentine’s Day Flowers


6. Personal Care Kit

Now that most people are restricted from seeing each other the way they used to, a personalized care kit to go with a bouquet is a perfect idea. Imagine receiving beautiful flowers plus a box filled with your essentials. It’s like making sure your someone special gets her wants and needs without leaving her home.


7. Photobook

Be extra sweet by reliving sweet moments with a Photobook. You can DIY or buy a customized one. Highlight the images that are most significant to bring back special memories of your relationship.


8. Subscription Vouchers

Show your support for your partner’s hobbies or interests. Surprise her with subscription vouchers! Whether it’s for a magazine or app, it’s a display of support that will be greatly appreciated. 


9. Hobby Supplies

Another way to express your support on her interests is by giving her a set of hobby tools. Whether she is an aspiring chef, a plantita, or someone who’s into handicrafts, there are supplies that you can buy to make sure that she’ll be equipped while making her time useful.


10. Smartwatch

The importance of staying healthy has been given emphasis in the past year. A smartwatch has features that can help monitor one’s health and even encourage one to be fit. You can even buy a pair so you can join her on her fitness journey.


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For many, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without flowers. It may seem too predictable but its charm never fails to affect the receiver. With classic and modern add-ons to Valentine’s day flowers, you can further show your affection and care to your significant other.


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