Dos and Don’ts of Using Floral Centerpieces

When organizing an event, you’ll be presented with a lot of tasks. You also have to look into even the smallest details to be able to set the tone for a special day–especially when decorating, Aside from the lighting choice, backdrafts, and props, you also have to pay attention to the centerpieces that will be used. While floral centerpieces are a common choice as they easily enhance any venue, there are dos and don’ts in using them that you need to follow.

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, check out these helpful tips to make the most of floral centerpieces.


Floral Centerpieces Do’s and Don’ts 


Do follow the theme.

Follow the theme that has been decided. Flower centerpieces are very versatile. There’s a centerpiece that’s most appropriate for your theme whether you’re aiming for rustic, vintage, romantic, regal, or traditional. Choosing the right floral centerpiece will enhance your motif and achieve the look you want to express.


Don’t disregard the season.

Seasonal availability is important when choosing floral centerpieces. Ideally, you should choose flowers that are in season. This is one factor that will allow you to save on costs. You can also expect blooms to be lovely and fresh as these flowers are widely available at the time of your event.


Do consider the table size and shape

You can’t use an oversized floral centerpiece for a small table. In the same way, a small centerpiece would not be as impressive as it is supposed to be when used for a large table. Always check the size and shape of the table as that will affect your choice of floral centerpieces.


Some of the most common shapes of tables include:

  • Square table – Usually, a square table allows more space in the center.  Use a substantial floral centerpiece that can fill in the space and keep it from looking empty.
  • Round table – one floral centerpiece would be enough for a round table. Use tall centerpieces to ensure that your arrangement will not cause them to have difficulty when interacting with other guests.
  • Rectangular table – This table type would look better with multiple floral centerpieces. Add the largest in the middle and smaller floral arrangements would look nice on both ends of the table. One important piece of advice is to go for a minimalist type of flower arrangement to avoid overcrowding the table and leaving little space for table settings.


Do mix different sizes.

Make your floral centerpieces do their part in making a space look full and vibrant. Mix tall and short centerpieces. The tall ones will add height and make the room look more elegant. However, do consider the line of sight of the guests. On the other hand, short floral centerpieces could be added without getting in the way of conversations.


Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Let your creative juices flow when working with floral centerpieces. Flower arrangements can be customized to match various event themes. There are items or props that you can add to make them look more interesting. You can also find vases in various styles which can add up to aesthetics.


Do use them for other purposes.

Floral centerpieces look beautiful and it would just be right to plan how they can be used after an event. Money has been spent on them too and making the most of their value would be ideal. You can use it to adorn your home or give it to other guests. It can be sent to sick people or can be used as an offering to a dearly departed. Another option is to donate it to a church as they can use floral centerpieces to adorn altars too.


Don’t hesitate to order from a flower shop.

DIY floral centerpieces may not be the best option at all times. Organizing an event will require you to pay attention to various factors that will contribute to its success. You may find too little time to get everything done. It will also be possible that you may waste resources if you’ll fail to achieve the look you want for the floral centerpieces.


With a reputable flower shop, you will have less to worry about. An expert florist can take charge of the flower arrangement based on your specifications. All you have to do is to wait for the finished product that you will use for your event.


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Use these dos and don’t of using floral centerpieces as a reference for your next event. They can easily become a focal point of any setting so give them the attention they deserve. 


The Flower Patch Shop creates flower arrangements for all types of occasions. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements. We’d love to help you create floral centerpieces that would leave a huge impact on you and your guests.



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