Tips for Choosing Memorial Flowers for All Soul’s Day

In the Philippines, people commemorate their dearly departed on All Souls’ Day or Undas every November 2. They sometimes go to the cemeteries or columbarium a few days before the occasion to avoid the large crowd. It is a time for families to get together and pay their respects to the deceased. They clean the final resting place and light candles while offering prayers for the repose of the souls of their beloved who have gone ahead. Flowers are always part of remembering the faithful departed during All Souls’ Day.

Whether they are simple bouquets or elegant arrangements, memorial flowers are always offered when visiting the deceased loved ones. The florals honor their memory and celebrate their life while still on earth. Flowers offered convey how much they are loved and they will always be remembered even when they are no longer around. To help you choose the right memorial flowers for your departed loved ones, here are some guidelines that you can follow when buying them in time for All Souls’ Day.         

4 Guidelines on How to Select Memorial Flowers for All Souls’ Day

1. Choose the flowers your departed loved ones used to prefer. 

These include:

  • Favorite flowers
  • Favorite colors of the deceased
  • Plants they cultivated in the garden
  • Wildflowers if they loved the outdoors
2. Pick memorial flowers that convey a message.
  • Roses – symbolize everlasting love and respect
  • Daisies – represent positivity and a cheerful personality which could remind the living of the departed loved one when he or she was still alive.
  • Gladioli – signifies remembrance, integrity, and sincerity
  • Orchids – symbolize undying love
  • Chrysanthemums – They are considered flowers that represent death in some parts of the world but in Asia, they symbolize joy, longevity, fidelity, and optimism.
  • White carnations – represent remembrance
  • Forget-Me-Not – associated with pleasant memories
3. Select a Good Flower Arrangement
  • Flower baskets – they are easy to carry and usually small although they can be customized to be arranged bigger. 
  • Vertical flower arrangements – This type of arrangement for memorial flowers does not occupy too much space since they are tall.
  • Same color flower arrangement
  • Variety of colors flower arrangement

The florists at Flower Patch Delivery can create a stunning flower arrangement for any occasion like All Souls’ Day. These fresh local and imported flowers are arranged beautifully in boxes, baskets, vases, and bouquets among others to meet anyone’s preferences. Florals are perfect to give and offer any day of the year.

4. Choose Memorial Flowers Based on Colors

You may prefer to pick up memorial flowers based on colors and their special meanings to commemorate the memories of your loved ones who have departed. These colors include the following:

  • White (roses, lilies, daisies, and carnations)

White represents a harmonious and serene ambiance thinking about the peaceful times you spent with a late loved one. The color also symbolizes purity, innocence, and majesty.

  • Pink (roses, peonies, and tulips)

Pink flowers signify kindness, grace, gentleness, and love. You can choose memorial flowers in shades of pink to express thankfulness for the service and loving personality of a departed family member or friend.

  • Red (roses and gladioli)

Red conveys love and respect to a deceased one. Red bouquets are offered as a sign of appreciation and thanks to a loved one who had great passion and dedication.

  • Yellow (daffodils, sunflowers, and tulips)

This hue is a happy color that expresses joy and smiles. Memorial flowers with this color recall the laughter, happiness, and delight brought by friendship. It is a celebration of life that surpasses a sorrowful passing.

  • Orange (lilies and tulips)

Memorial flowers with shades of orange symbolize someone who had confidence, bravery, courage, and determination when he or she was alive.


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All Souls’ Day is a special day of remembrance for the dearly departed. Offering memorial flowers is a way of honoring and giving respect to them. There are many kinds of flowers in various colors and sizes to choose from. You do not have to limit yourself to a single type of flower. Whether they are bouquets or special arrangements, it helps to consider the floral preferences of the departed when offering memorial flowers to them. It adds special meaning to your loving gesture. You can also choose blooms as well as colors that express different meanings that suit your message to a departed loved one.       

Flower Patch Delivery has great selections of flowers that come in different colors to match any occasion. Its fresh local and imported flowers include roses, tulips, lilies, gerberas, sunflowers, and carnations can be attractively arranged by the florists. Flower Patch offers free same-day flower delivery to clients in Makati, Pasig, Ortigas, Alabang, Libis, and Quezon City. Are you looking for a beautiful floral arrangement to give a loved one? Order from Flower Patch.




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