Tips to Create a Care Package for a Good Friend

At a time when you can’t be on the side of a sick friend, you can still make him or her feel loved and well thought of. Sending a care package is a popular option these days. In fact, aside from friends who are sick, you can even send it to those who are well just to let them know that you care. Here are some ideas on how you can put together a care package.


5 Tips for Sending a Care Package


1. Take note his/her favorite past times.

It’s great to find some of your favorites especially at a time when you’re not feeling well. Does your friend love to read or watch movies? Include a new book that he or she will find interesting. You can also include in your care package a list of movies to watch or a flash drive with downloaded movies that you highly recommend. This will give him/her some activities to engage in while recuperating.


2. Pack things that will bring comfort.

Put yourself in the shoes of your friend. What are the things that can relieve you from pain or discomfort? You might want to include a soft pillow in your package. A soft blanket or cute socks can also make him/her feel warm.


3. Keep your care package healthy.

Care packages aim to help improve the health condition of a person. If you want to include treats, choose healthy options. Instead of junk food, add berries or nuts to your care package. Fruits will also make a great substitute for sweet cravings.


4. Support healing.

Aside from medications prescribed by doctors, there are also self-care healing products in the Philippines that have long been used to ease discomfort and support healing. Vapor rubs, essential oils, teas, and massagers are just some of the options that you can add to your care package. 

5. Add a personal touch.

Perhaps, a care package will be appreciated most when it comes with your personal touch. A simple handwritten note enclosed in your package is a simple gesture that could have a great impact. It will also help you express get-well wishes to a good friend. You can even add a nice flower arrangement especially to someone really dear. Just make sure to choose hypoallergenic flowers to avoid untoward reactions that may aggravate one’s condition.


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