6 Christmas Flower Arrangements to Make Your Home Festive

Flowers affect people positively. More than their aesthetic value, they actually help improve health and lower stress. In fact, there are flowers that help preserve mental health. With its benefits, wouldn’t you want to put it in your home especially this season?

Christmas is a special time of the year. It is when homes are clad with decors and ornaments that contribute to making the occasion more festive. Aside from the typical decorations, you can also create flower arrangements that are perfect for your celebrations!

There’s a perfect spot for Christmas flower arrangements in your home. Here are a few suggestions that you can start with:


6 Christmas Flower Arrangements for Your Home


1. Red Flowers in Metallic Vases

Red and green are the usual colors associated with Christmas. When searching for the right blooms for your flower arrangement, there are lots of red flowers that you can choose from. With red roses alone, you can choose between Philippine roses, Ecuadorian roses, and other imported roses. To make it more sparkly and bright to suit the occasion, choose metallic vases or those with gold and silver designs.

Red Flowers in Metallic Vases

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2. Evergreen and Red Flowers

For those who prefer Christmas flower arrangements that are more on the traditional side, a few evergreen branches and red flowers will do the trick. Roses, amaryllis, peonies, tulips, and carnations are some of your options. Evergreen further adds a traditional touch. Arrange your choice of flowers in a vase and accent with cut branches of evergreen so that red and green colors will both pop out.

Evergreen and Red Flowers

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3. White Christmas Flower Arrangement

Red and green are not just the colors of Christmas. White is also a popular theme. And why not, when you can match it with almost all types of ornaments. Create a white flower arrangement using tulips, paper roses, or two-toned white flowers. You can even add baby’s breath for more frill! Of course, you can also create contrast by using colorful vases, like those in the hues of red, gold or silver.

White Christmas Flower Arrangement

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4. Boho Themed Christmas Flower Arrangement

Another popular Christmas theme that has grown in popularity in recent years is Bohemian. Use pine branches with your choice of blooms for a touch of nature. Barks from fallen trees can also be added to your flower arrangement. You can use flowers of different types. Accents can also be added in various colors. One way to use bohemian themed Christmas flower arrangements is by using them to adorn your stairs, windows or doors.

Boho Themed Christmas Flower Arrangement

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5. Kids-Approved Christmas Flower Arrangement

Many people say that Christmas is for kids. Imagine how they’d react upon seeing a Christmas flower arrangement adorned with candy canes and other treats. It takes almost any flower and foliage to create this arrangement. Just don’t forget to add Christmas candies instead of ornaments as the final touch.

Kids-Approved Christmas Flower Arrangement

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6. Flowers and Fresh Fruits Centerpiece

The dinner table is the setting of many Christmas celebrations. So why not adorn the table with a nice Christmas flower centrepiece? A fitting one would combine flowers and fresh fruits adorned with ornaments. This makes a nice focal point on the table while signifying abundance, too! You can even add candles for more intimate celebrations.

Flowers and Fresh Fruits Centerpiece

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It’s the time of year to ‘deck the halls with boughs of jolly’ and adding Christmas flower arrangements can bring wonderful results. Start with the ideas mentioned above to bring the Christmas vibe into your home!

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